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New here...

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I'm new to this forum and a little nervous... A couple of my friends told me about another forum on, and I visited it as a guest for a few days before deciding not to join it. Some of the people there are REALLY judgemental and mean. I understand that not everyone raises their cat(s) the same way - some people have indoor/outdoor cats, while some people (like myself) feel that cats are far safer indoors (and live longer, healthier lives). Some people declaw cats and many do not. On this other forum, people were persecuted for things like this - there were forum members there that personally attacked other members! I was horrified!

Basically I am here to learn everything I can about cats to better care for my own. I'm not perfect, but I try to do the best I can for my cats. I'm hoping that this is a kinder, gentler forum than the one I visited!
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Hi Jadekitty!

you will find everyone here to be most wonderful & considerate. while we all have strong opinions on what we think is right for our cats, we educate instead of demoralizing. If someone disagrees, they will tell you why with facts and not by attacking.

this is a great forum with lots of wonderful and well educated (and I don't mean book smarts, but worldly smarts) people with one common goal, to always do right by our cats.

I'm sure you are going to feel right at home!
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I hope you'll enjoy posting here. We do our best to keep this place friendly! Most people here are very much against declawing and for rescuing cats and having them spayed/neutered. We try to keep these messages educational and friendly - it has more chance of being heard that way and hopefully we'll be able to help more cats this way.

Again - welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay... Why not tell us more about you and your babies?
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Welcome to the site!! I dont think you should experience any bad encounters here. We are all pretty passionate about cats, but keep it very friendly. There's lots of great info if you do a search or you can start a new thread with any questions.
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Oh JadeKitty....I think you have found a place here, that you will be happy to call home!

The people here are all friendly, we may give our opinions once in awhile, but we don't judge or attack anyone for their own beleifs.

I am SO glad you have joined us here, and I am sorry to hear about the treatment you and others received on some other cat forum.... you shouldn't find that here.

There are so many wonderful members here, and not a mean streak in any of them!!!!! (though we do have to watch Donna on those really bad PMS KNOW I'm kidding Donna!!!!! )

I hope you feel right at home here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome, JadeKitty!
I'm a new member also and know how you feel. This is a great place to be though and everyone is so nice. Tell us about your babies!

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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! I know what you mean about personal attacks on message boards, as I've undergone such things myself on another web site. Life is too short to bother putting up with such things, wouldn't you agree? Anyway, the people here are very caring and understanding — so never fear!

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Thanks everybody for the warm welcome! My hubby & I are grateful for a friendly place to talk about cats! Our cats are both rescued. One from a local older lady who fosters cats & kittens until they are adopted (a little shorthair tortie named Jo) and the other an all-black (also shorthair) male (he has some stray white hairs on his chest only) we picked up from outside named Mishu (he already had his name when we took him in - that's what the neighbor called him).

They're about 9-months old now. Jo is spayed but Mishu needs to be neutered (and will be, soon!). We are also fostering 2 adorable kittens for another 3 weeks and then they'll be adopted by some friends (our friends have almost ALL been talked into taking rescued kitties by us - hahaha!). It's great - we get to have them while they're tiny and cute and playful little things and then our friends will have them (they can't wait!!) They promised to spay/neuter them and I got them in touch with my vet, who's really great!

When I take Mishu in for his neutering, the vet promised to teach me how to trim their claws - I've been terrified to do it because I was afraid I'd hurt them!! They're pretty good about not clawing furniture, but sometimes they get US with their claws when we play - I've got little scratch scars everywhere, especially now with the kittens! YOUCH! But they're so darned cute, how can you be mad at them?

We've got loads of pictures that we have to get developed and as soon as we do, I'll post them for all to see! Thanks again for the welcome - I have a good feeling about this place and look forward to being very active on this board, as I have volunteered at the shelter and at PetSmart for adopt-a-pet days and have fostered pregnant cats and new kittens. Hopefully I, too can provide insightful information to some of the members here!
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You have come to the right place, people are so nice here. I've only been here a week but it feels like a second home already I could talk, read & listen about cats all night long
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:blossom: Thank you! I, too could talk about cats all day!!! I love it here already!
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Hello out there! I just joined the forum minutes ago: decided to after seeing how friendly everyone is. My husband and I have just added a second cat to our home and I'll need all the advice I can get about how to keep the "boys" happy and friendly.Looking forward to talking with everyone.
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to welcome you as so many forum members here have welcomed me! i haven't been here long at all and already i feel a sense of family. there are some very good-hearted, caring people here! i have 2 cats (1 boy & 1 girl) and just adopted out 2 kittens my hubby and i had fostered, so i've learned a few things about having multiple cats (of differing ages)!! if you have any questions, feel free to ask! if i can't answer, i am SURE that someone else here can!

again, welcome - i hope you find this forum as friendly as i have!
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! I look forward to learning more about you and your feline friends.

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I just found this site and registered. I was looking up info on hairballs of all things because my 1 yr old, Hardy, had his first one this morning. Joy.
Hardy's brother is Homer. My husband and I found them plus 3 others last year in a box at work. Good news--Mom and others were all adopted. Our boys are neutered and are strictly indoor fellas. I'm a little concerned about them getting bored, but try to play w/ them as much as possible and they also like to play w/ each other.
I'm looking forward to getting advice and hearing lots of "cat tales"
on this site! It's really great.
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Welcome to the catsite!!! We look forward to hearing more. If you have any health or behavioral questions you can post them in the health or behavior forums here.
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Mavis - a good friend of mine whose cats have always suffered from haiball problems, swears by this product called PETROMALT. It comes in either a little plastic jar or a tube. Not only has it eliminated hairball problems in both her cats, but they really LOVE the way it tastes. It's kind of pasty, so she likes to get the tube and give it to them right from the tube. My cats haven't had any problem with hairballs yet, but now that we're getting into the summer months soon, I expect they will soon enough and I already have a tube of petromalt, just in case. My friend has tried loads of other products, but she says this stuff works the best and is easy to give the cats because they actually like the way it tastes - you know how finicky cats can be sometimes (especially with stuff that's good for them - lol!)...
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Thanks for the tip. My older kitty has a problem with hair balls but I've been uncertian what to give him.
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I am SO glad you have joined us here!!!!!!!!

It is nice to meet both of you, and welcome you here.

We really are a family here....though we have never actually met one another, but because of our deep love of cats, we are family... and welcome you both in!!!!!!!!!

Don't ever hesitate to ask a question, no matter how trivial it may seem........ we learn by asking. and noone will judge you here.
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I am so happy to see all these new faces! I know you will be as happy as I am! I have learned so much and I have also laughed very hard reading all the posts! I am looking forward to reading your posts in the near future!
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Thanks for the info. on hairballs. They aren't a problem yet. My Hardy (1 yr. old) just had his first one. It freaked him out at the time, but he's fine now. My boys are shorthairs, so with a daily grooming, I'm hoping hairballs will be a rare occurance.
This board is such a great source. I've learned so much in just a few days. And everybody is so nice!!
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Hello everyone and thanks for the welcome. It will be lovely to talk about our "boys" with people who really care about cats and understand the little rascals. We have an orange tabby ..named Bob.His middle name is "trouble" and he's five years old. Our newest addition is Romeo...he's also five years old and came to us by way of our daughter. She found him as a kitten under a car on the causeway leading out to Miami Beach.When she realized that Bob was looking for a pet, she graciously allowed him to come live with us.(She has two more at home as well as a little Bichon). Bob is quite pleased with his "pet"...loves the interaction, at least so far!! By the way, Romeo is possibly a Ragdoll...he has blue color-points and the personality . Looking forward to talking with all of you. Lin
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Welcome to your new home. You will find many people here that will help you. I guess in our own way, we are all experts. If you have any questions or comments, just let us know.

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