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Oh Shoot - Not Again!

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Well - I just heard a major cat fight outside. Of course I ran out there - only to find Thanksgiving and what I think is her Mum. Mum is that grey cat that was so friendly so quick? But looked pregnant, and disappeared before we could trap her?

Well - hate to say it - she looks pregnant again. The most annoying part about it all is that we haven't seen her since she disappeared last time - to make a nest and have her kittens. I don't know if she's been at our feeders and we just haven't seen her or what. But she's back, and although I can't be sure, I'm pretty sure she looks pregnant again.

Hate to say it - but if kittens turn up, I'm thinking about finding them homes before 12 weeks old. We've been boarding Magic because of the cold, and they get calls for cats from people looking to buy them, or thinking it's a shelter and wanting to adopt. I've given the woman there my handouts on bringing outside cats in, etc., and she understands the issues associated with ferals and the need to find right homes for them. But she's right - it IS much easier to adopt kittens. We brought in Lazlo when he was 8 - 10 weeks old. Of course - the family showed back up just a couple days after we "rescued" him, but it was too late by then!

What do you think? (Of course, I'm jumping the gun here not even being sure she's pregnant, but I'm darn sure it's that mom cat we haven't been able to trap and spay yet).

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I am so sorry you seem to be the Feral Cat Express especially in light of everything else going on in your world. But I am so grateful that you are there for these poor cats! Weaning them early is really okay- they will have some early behavior issues (mostly having to do with litter pan manners) and will probably be biters at first- because mom won't be around to show them how to react, but for the most part they will be fine as long as they aren't yanked out to early like some people do.

Good luck.......you feral fighter you! Oh and thanks to your supportive email SPAYUSA is now a part of Meowhoo's growing list!
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Oh Mary Anne - I'm so glad to hear that? You never heard from Friends of Animals? And Gary and I splurged over the weekend and bought a few cat books. As I haven't been on the computer much the past few days I haven't had a chance to check for websites, but under the resources section of one of the books are a few more spay/neuter resource ideas. (We've had LOTS of time to read with all the waiting because of the dang Doctor strike).

First we've got to determine if she's pregnant - then we've got to find the nest. Last time we never did, and I believe Munchkin, Magic and Thanksgiving were part of her litter. They came straggling along on their own when they were older. IF she's pregnant and IF we can find her nest - and with it being Winter and our keeping food out, I think we've got a greater chance of seeing kittens early around here even if we can't find the actual nest. I was hoping we could "nab" them at between 8 and 10 weeks.
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I have complete faith in both of you with this!
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But, I can't think of two better people for this to happen to! :laughing:

I agree that the best thing is to find them homes, even if it means taking them away from mom just a little too early. Maybe she just looks pregnant because her fur is puffed up for the winter. We can keep our fingers crossed!
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I am sure you will do fine with the new kittens, if the mom cat is pregnant again. I don't have any experience with ferals, but I got my cat Molly when she was 10 weeks old. She turned out ok, and I don't even remember her biting too much.
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Well, we haven't been around (illness) to keep an eye out. The "campaign" to find out what's up will start tomorrow. And we still have that black cat with the funny face to trap, too.

Brenda, Lazlo's family appeared to abandon him when he was about 8 - 10 weeks old, according to the Vet. We've never had problems with him biting, but I guess you never know! (The family turned up a few days later, but, well - Lazlo was already a part of the family. All that offered was the opportunity to nab him a companion. Of course, that's Sheldon!

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