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Missing Phone Mystery

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So my boyfriend and I have two cats, Brutus and Okage. Brutus is hyperactive and extremely smart.. so he gets into nearly everything. We recently bought four portable phones to place around the house. A week later, we're scratching our heads wondering where they all went, as we only had one left!

Now, with our old phone, Brutus would run to it whenever it rang, as if he was going to answer the thing.

So we searched the house, looking under beds and in nooks and crannies. FINALLY, we find ALL three missing phones, all in a pile under the couch. HAH.

We can only assume it's Brutus, because he throws his toys under there all the time. He's been crazy since he saw his first snowfall. I have such a weirdo for a cat. Anyone elses cats steal strange things?
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Yep! Pencils and dum dum suckers!
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Just normal stuff like hair ties and toys. Oh, and a bottle of my hubbies pills...and I AM missing one of my Nintento DS games...hmmmm...

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Bottle lids. If I set one down on the end table and then get up for whatever reason, the lid will not be there long.

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