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Need Help

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Ok so my kitten Butterfly is sick and im having some trouble finding a vet that has a payment plan near me. Can anyone help me? I just dont have $300-$400 to spend all at once on a vet visit and all of that. Back in texas i had a vet that did a payment plan and it worked out great. Butterfly has had diarreha for 3 or 4 days now at first we though she ate something that didnt agree with her but when it kept on we got worried. Its like she doesnt know when she needs to go I mean she has gone on me and my bf and herself. Sorry for the language but its only with her she pees in the litterbox. I live in Middletown Ohio.
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How far of a distance are you prepared to drive?

I live north of Middletown (West Carrollton) but take my cat to Hamilton (actually the place is just off 275 on Hamilton Ave (Hamilton Avenue Animal Hospital). I lived in Hamilton. From Middletown it would take you about 25 minutes to drive probably.

It is a low cost clinic and the office visit is $17-18 I believe is what I played. They do low cost vaccines and spay/neuter as well ($26 for cat neuter).

If you are interested I have the number in my cell phone. My kitten was neutered there last Friday.

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I would love the number thats the lowest price ive seen
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The number is 513-825-4011

They open at 8 AM I believe and close at 7 PM and have weekend hours as well.

They have been great to us thus far. Jack (4 months) has been in for a check up (ear infection) and for his neuter last Friday (this went very well, he's his normal self). You can't beat a neuter for $26 the first vet we saw north of Dayton wantd $250 for a neuter.

Good luck--please let me know how it goes!

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$250 compared to $26 is a big difference there was a place like that in dallas i was with my uncle when he went and my uncle asked them if there place was made of gold lol. But we did figure out what was wrong with my kitten apparently she got ahold of some dried rose leaves from some roses i threw away months ago but i forgot there were some on the floor i had missed lol shes getting alot better now. Before she would just lay there and not even play with our other kitten but now she is playing she everyday we might have 1 spot on the floor which is better then many.
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I'll move this to H&N forum as it is more suited and will likely receive more replies.
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