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Oci Owner Mystery????

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Anyone know what happened to the newest Oci owners who got 2 kittens - think they were from California.

He posted several times with pictures, then nothing lately (about 2 months). Wondering how the Oci's are doing and would like to see new pictures.

If you are out there, please update us (especially your fellow Oci owners)
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I'm not sure what happened to them. But, how about some Charlie pics in the meantime.
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Am waiting for the next show - hopefully they can be "grand" pictures
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Am waiting for the next show - hopefully they can be "grand" pictures
What do you mean "hopefully!" Girl, you KNOW you have a Grand in Charlie! I can't say it enough, he's such a handsome handsome boy.
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I remember him - wasn't he in LA? They were going to put up a run for the kittens, etc?
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Well I know he will Grand silly - just a matter of when. The last ACFA show was very tough comp. and hopefully it will be less cats this time so he can get the 2 finals in top 5 Alters I need

CFA will be awhile, only cause there are no close by shows (January show which he went to last year as a kitten - 1st show) will be pretty tough - lots of cats there and he needs 50 pts in CFA to grand.
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