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May I ask for a little board magic?

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My father in law is hoping to move into an apartment near his work, so that he can be closer and he has said that if he moves there, we can move into his place. He works as director of grounds maintenance at a private school and they need him nearby in case of emergencies. The rent is a little bit more than where we are, but his place is a whole lot better than ours, we are in a terrible neighbourhood, and we dont feel safe and my father in laws place (he owns it) is bigger, more comfy (especially for the cats), its in the country, but he will not know for at least a couple of weeks whether he is moving or not, and so can I have a little bit of board magic so that we can move.
Thanks everyone!
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A little Board magic coming right up! I hope that works out for you Kellye. That would be wonderful.
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Waving that wand for you!

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I know for a fact that there is not a little bit of board magic here at all........there is a LOT!

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Positive thoughts and hopeful vibes coming your way!!!!!

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Hoping this works out for the best for you!
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Fingers and toes crossed for you! Good luck!
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Kellye, that sounds wonderful!!!! Sending positive thoughts your way. I simcerely hope you move out (and into there)...especially if you are living somewhere you don't feel safe.
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thinking of you... I hope you can move!
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Happy housing thoughts coming your way!!!!
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Sending good thoughts and wishes for your to move into the house. It sounds absolutely wonderful.
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Aahhhhhh! To be in the country! My ultimate goal right now!

Good luck Kiwi!

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Kellye!! Sorry I am late reading this! I am sending up prayers that this all works out for you!!! Is there any news?
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Keeping up the prayers for you, Kellye!

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Kellye - I've been wondering if there's any news? I'm sorry if I missed it in a DT or something. I've kept you guys in my prayers. I so hope that there's been good news and I just missed it!
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we are still waiting, hes on some kind of wait list, so hopefully sometime this month we will know.
the person in the apartment that hes supposed to move into keeps changing his/her mind and my father in law is getting p...... off about it....but i will definitely keep you updated...thanks laurie for asking....still waiting
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Then I'm still praying. The board magic can work yet!!!!
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I hope everything works out for you... I know how wonderful it is to get out of a bad neighborhood. The apartment I lived in previously was a safe place when I moved in, but by the time we left, I wouldn't go out after dark. Sending good vibes!
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Putting my little brain to work sending you the right (alpha?) waves! I hope your father in law gets the place he wants and that you get to move out into that great country house!!!
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