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May I ask?

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How much do you spend a month on food?
Right now I buy a small bag of my dry kitten food for $11.99 a bag! And that lasts me at least a month (or did with just Raven anyway). And I have added their wet breakfast, I buy pouches and split 1 pouch between the 2 every morning, so that is about $15.00 a month.

I am asking because I have considered going completely over to wet food, or giving them two wet meals a day. I do not understand how you afford that? I mean, as they grow will they each need their own pouch? So if I fed 2 wet meals a day that would be 4 pouches a day! So a box of 12 would only last 3 days (instead of 12 days like it does now). I think at the most I can only feed them 1 wet meal a day.
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I spend about £35 ($72) a month on food Most of that is on wet food as I get through 135 pouches of wet food a month and buy only a small amount of dry. I live on cheap food while they tuck into gourmet cat food I do buy in bulk when it's on offer otherwise it would be more. Cat food, like just about everything else, does cost more over here than in the US though, so that's probably not much help.
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About $9 - $11 on dry, and $9 - $11 on wet, give or take a buck or two for treats.

So, about $20 per month (for one cat).
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Wet food costs:

Penny: $30-31 per month

Ginger, Ferris & Max: $10.24 - $16.43 each

So.... a grand total of approx $40-46 per month on wet alone.

I don't even want to think about the dry costs - or the litter costs. I try to stay stocked up, so I buy in advance of when it is needed, and I try to get stuff on sale.
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On my personal cats I spend about $80 a month on food. Fosters are supplied with dry food but I supplement with wet which runs me at about $50 a month.
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About $80 to $100, depending on my canned food supply (I buy by the case, and dry food I buy #40 at a time).
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I have one cat.

He's fed a variety of canned foods (Evo, California Natural, Wellness) as well as a bit of dry food per day (Evo) just to keep him used to it. I spend about $30 per month on the canned food and if I prorate the huge bag of the Evo it probably comes to a total of $34.00 or so.

I'm thinking of taking him off of the dry completely and feeding him 1.5 cans per day of California Natural (he tolerates this better than the grain-frees I feed). It will be more expensive if I do so...about $55.00 per month.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post

I don't even want to think about the dry costs - or the litter costs. I try to stay stocked up, so I buy in advance of when it is needed, and I try to get stuff on sale.

Thank God my cats do well at cat shows - I get free dry for a few months at a time.

I really don't want to think how much my cat food bills are....or my litter bills for that matter!
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Zoeys dry is only the tax much of the time about 2 buck for a 2 month bag( work for the company ) or it would be 25 for two month or 12.50 a month ( I try to only buy bonus bags with a extra lb or two ) ... canned food is about 10 a month as she is picky and doesn t eat much ... litter runs about 6 a month ( feline pine scoop( sale time I got 4 months for 13 $) with worlds best or sweeet scoop depends on sales) .... treats she like expensive about 10 a month ... no vet visits she runs about 75 a month

Gigi rund me about 250$ a month she eats 85% homemade( cooked) ... meds run about 100
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I spend 50 to 75 dollars a month on Dexter and Sadie's wet and dry food.
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I fed Lucky and now Paws, bag of Evo $24.00 , bag of Chicken soup for Kittens $14.00. Lucky will only eat dry, I fed my semi-feral a mixture of Chicken soup and Purina one, she won't eat Evo so around $45 a month
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Around $40 for two cats montly- homemade with once or twice canned.
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About $80 per month all canned 2 adult cats, 1 kitten. I've had to add in some dry to help my budget...
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About £25 on biscuits and wet food for the cats.
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Around $50 for one cat a month. Wet and dry, I need to be very careful what I feed Nikita, she doesn't do well on anything but very high quality food.
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About $30 on dry and another $20 on wet for 5 cats

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The exchange rate distorts things, but right now Jamie's wet food costs about $38 a month, and his dry another $15 - $20. I buy the canned food by the case; otherwise it would be a lot more.
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Too much!!

Seriously, I'm not sure, but I think about $40.00-$50.00 on dry food, and about $30.00-$40.00 on the canned stuff - that includes my strays, too. But that's just an estimate off the top of my head..

Don't even ask how much we spend on vet bills...

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Hmm... 1 adult and 2 kittens. Was buying a 4lb bag of nutro (weight mngmt.) and 1 8lb bag of nutro (kitten) a month.. So ~ $28 + the canned food...1 5.5 oz can a day... ~$17 = $45 a month.
I've just ordered what SHOULD be 4 months of food for all three (2, 16.5lb bags of EVO dry, a case of EVO ckn/tky, cal. nat. ckn/rice, and EVO beef) for $122.... So comes to around $30.50 a month. Hopefully this will work and I'll be feeding better food AND paying less!
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For my three, about $40 worth of canned. My younger two go through an 8lb bag of kitten food every 3 or 4 weeks at around $18 a bag on sale. So they cost around $60 a month in food.
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Wow.. I don't even want to know, lately. The cats don't eat much dry, I just get the smallest bag of Nutro every two months or so.. I think that's around $10? Chase is the money-vaccuum lately.. we are trying to put weight on him so he gets three-four meals a day, most often a 3oz. max cat can that my sister's cat shares, with Wellness, Iams, or Pro Plan tossed in for variety. It probably adds up to at least $50 a month.. but the vets insist his thyroid is fine, so I don't know what else to do.
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well, lets see, never really wanted to think about it, lol. damian is on prescription diet which is about $14 a month, the bag of kitten food which is about $12, not sure how long it will last now, only just got the two girls a week ago, but i'm sure that will only last 2 weeks. and hmmm, i think i just spent about $40 on wet food, hoping it will last a month. add to that litter, i get the huge tub of tidy cats small spaces, lasts about a month at $13. plus whatever i spend on damian's wet food, he only eats crappy 9 lives, which i guess runs about $15 or so a month. so that's about $90 a month in just cat food!! oh my, wish i didn't know that! i think that's more than i spend on myself!
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$30/month on dry farm cat food (Diamond Naturals)
$15/month on dry PJ & Punky (Nutro MAX Kitten)
$10/month on dry Dorian & Ophelia (Nutro MAX Adult & Taste of the Wild)
$25/month on dry Damita, Twitch, & Lily (Fromms)

For wet food:
I lump it together as I'm feeding wet to 15 kitties.....I figure $100/month. Especially in the winter when the farm cats eat more in general, I increase the amount of wet they get!

We budget for $200/month in the winter, $150/month in the summer. That's for 15 cats. Plus a few "strays" that I do not have any official claim to(but I fixed them).
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I hadn't thought about this for a while, but here is my guess:

$100 for dry food
$75 for wet food

And probably another $120 for dog food

I work to feed my critters.
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Have never really wanted to tally up...

My cats are on raw. The monthly total for both is around $25-50 depending on how varied/exotic I get. Having never had cats before, I was thrilled that I could feed them for so little and thought it was DIRT CHEAP! (It's still not bad though, compared to some of the other numbers I'm seeing in this thread. )

I also have a 95lb GSD. He's on raw during the week, and on canned food on weekends when I need to board him. His raw is $2+ per day, and weekends are $1.89+ per can @ 4-5 cans per day. I just can't bring myself to add it all up. I use an assortment of supplements (most of which are for my senior GSD) but that's just too much math at 2am.

There are also two cats at my job that we've been trying to place for some time now. All the while they've been with us, they've been on the boarders ration of meow mix and deli cat. My guilt finally lead me to spend some time on and look for something better that I could budget for them. One cat is a healthy 8 month old and he will be on Pro Pac wet @ $34/month. The other is an 8-10 year old obese dry food addict and will be on Premium Edge Healthy Weight ($8.26/6lbs) while I attempt to wean her onto canned food. Both will also get Wysong's F-Biotic whole food supplement & Fish oil to offset what is lacking in these foods a bit. I really wish I could bring them home.
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Two cats - $20.00 a month on California Natural Chicken and Rice. I have just about given up on wet food. Sometimes they will eat a little Wellness Chicken or Turkey or Meow Mix Market Selects so I probably only spend maybe $10.00 a month on wet food and a lot of that doesn't get eaten.
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I'm around $30-$40 per month for Junior. I feed him a Friskies pouch (to save money) in the morning and a Wellness pouch at night along with a little bit of Evo dry during the day.
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I really shouldn't think of this or even try to do the math. All told we spend around $100 - $130 a week in food. My hubby jokes about how he's going to have to get a second job just for the pet bill.
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I'd estimate at about $85 for two cats with most of that being for wet food.
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