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paul understands his name "paul" or "paulie" when i say it (not my wife) but he seems to respond to her sometimes when she calls him nicknames like pooka, pook, poop ect.
he wont come to me when im mad at him, seems to sense a different tone in my voice.
he also seems to understand "no" "down" "treats" and "mousies".
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Tomas knows:
Get -as in get down or get back
In the house -when he's in the garage and I want him to go back in
Can of food -when I'm telling DH to feed them
and answers to "What are you doing?" when he's snooping in stuff.
Come on or come here

Sho knows:
Cat and Sho Cat -his nick name
Tell Nick, Go bother Nick, and He'll feed you (while pointing at DH)
Come on or come here
Bed -when it's time to go to bed at night

BOYS! -when I'm getting onto them

Both respond to a clicking/noise I make (kind of like what you might use with a horse? ). To them and other cats I use it on it means, hurry up and come on. It also seems to calm some cats.
And the "sssst" noise used as a reprimand/warning.
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Hehe, I loved reading everyone's submissions. Niko understands:

"You want luvies?" - He'll come in my lap and nuzzle.
"Sit" or "Butt on the floor" - Yes, he sits. I also have a 'sit' hand gesture he responds to.
"High five!" - And he'll gimme one.
"Supper time!"
"Don't even think about it."
"Up" & "Down" - With a snap or tapping my finger on a surface.
"You wanna play toys?"
"Whatcha doin'?" - He responds, but alas, I don't speak cat, even if my cat speaks human. :P
"Get outta here." - If I say it jokingly to someone else, he thinks I'm speaking to him and leaves the room. LOL
"Treats" - He'll look up, but he's not a big treat eater. He'd rather have wet food.
"Who's my handsome boy?" - He'll meow and stretch out a paw as if to say, "I am!"
"It's okay" - When a noise or something startles him.
"Careful/Easy" - If he's kneading me too harshly or happens to jump on me while in play mode.

His name, he knows, but he thinks it means food... he thinks Bubbe/Bubbilah is his /real/ name. *grins* But, as like most of you had said, I think he understands everything I say. Tone of voice has a lot to do with it.. whenever I speak to him, it's always in a soft, almost baby tone- so when my voice gets deeper and sharp, he knows I mean business. I also hiss at him if words don't work, but it's very rare I have to go that far.
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Jack's vocabulary...

His name in various forms... Jack, Jackers, Jack-Jack, and of course the occassional little monster

"Come on buddy"

yep little on the small side thus far
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my kitties understand:
no bite
no claws
bad kitty
good girl/baby/kitty
play nice
bring me your mousie/poofy/whatever
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I swear Maisie understands nothing! If I call her she always looks the opposite way

Kitty knows 'Sit' and 'High Five' and 'Are you comming?' He doesn`t seem to understand what 'Chicken' means which is a suprise as he`s ruled by his belly
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Hmmmm, Trout knows her name..the word treats..."where's your ball?"..and "come here" Thats about it!
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While Sadie understands such words as sit, stay, down, off (ok, sometimes), shake paw and bedtime, her favorite word is TREATS
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Funny, it seems like most of our adorables know their name, some variation of nummies, and "No!" Not that they do anything about that no word.
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
Funny, it seems like most of our adorables know their name, some variation of nummies, and "No!" Not that they do anything about that no word.
"No", at the very least, makes Niko pause.. which I'm thankful for. The only time when it has no effect at all is when there's people food involved. Or when my mother says it. Hehe. I think the only reason he listens to me is 'cause if he gets really outta hand, he gets scooped into the bathroom for a "timeout."
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abi knows her name
let's go
go get it
it's okay
knotty knot
wanna play?

and she says few words:
meow for food
mew for hello or you caught me
owww for where are you?
and little chitter chatter noises when she sees birds out the window
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Ares and Hypnos seem to understand: "Where's Ares?" "Where's Hypnos?" "Where's Mommy/Daddy?" "Where's the pinky?" (Ares' favorite toy) "Eat your food!" "It's nite-nite time." (Translation: Let's go to bed).
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Lets see Monica ... Monica wants toy,treats, Monica is queen. Oh & water, she drinks from faucet..

Clinton (mr. Pig) Pig wants toy, treats, pig wants to play. He is fat & happy so we call him pig.
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Gizmo knows: Where is your bell, outside, down, no, snacks, bed time, ouch (thats our off word when we play, say ouch and she immediately lets go) and surprisingly enough sit and paw.

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Zoe knows her name, come on, hungry?, eat, treat, and of course "no!", good girl, pretty girl (you can tell she loves that one)
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Astrid understand "no" but it is really up to her if she decides to obey. And she knows "lovvies" and "brush" and "cookie". If I ask if she wants her brush she happily trots over and assumes the position to get a nice brushing. And if she hears the treat packet and I ask if she wants a cookie, she promptly sits at the side of any nearby table and I have to put the treat on the edge so she can reach up and grab it down before she will eat it.
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when i say treat she always knows what that means.
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Nyx knows "no" "good girl" "are you purry?" (she starts purring) "lie down" "up" "beg" "sit" "food" her name

what she refuses to know: "sleep time"
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