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What words do your cats understand?

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Beauty understands strokies time (because that's when she gets stroked and loved) food (because she gets fed, obviously) drink and bed time.
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I think Quill understands "No", "Where's your Tiger?", "Up", "Straws", "Bed Time", "Yes", "Hey" and "Pillow" and his own name. Although you gotta wonder what they *really* understand sometimes.
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I think they really understand everything, but its just what words they want to respond to is the real issue Like treats, food, are you hungry? You know, all the ones where it involves food of some sort
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Java understands 'kisses' & will usually lift her nose to me to be kissed.
they all understand 'no'.
they all know their names... except for Firefox, but that's 'cause i call her Puter Bug
other than that, i can't guarantee they actually 'know' any other words.
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Mine both know their names.

Aura knows the phrase "where's your mousey" cause she starts searching for her toy mice. She still hasn't grasped No.

Arlokk just seems to know dinner time and good boy, cause he such a good boy. He also knows No. You tell him no and he will stop immediately.
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I know my girls know there names.. "Come Here" "food time" and "get down".. But other then that, they ignore my words..
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All of our cats know their names...we do a different tone with each name
All of them know "Outside" "Snacks" "Treats" "Come Here" "Wheres your toy?"
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Wesley knows his name. We are working on Sox getting to know her name but she's pretty young so she isn't used to it yet. And they both know the word "no". Either that or it's just the tone of voice I use when I say it.
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Wally understands "want some chicken?"
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My shelter baby, Checkers, knows the word - treats! He starts screaming louder when I say it! Took him about 2 seconds to make the association.

My BF's RB cat knew water, lick-lick (Cat Lax), hungry, food, brush, come on, and treats. Oh yes, he knew his name, Cato.
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Zane knows his name. He'll be apparently sound asleep, but if you say his name the tail will flip. Also, if you say "dinner" he'll run over to the closet where his food is kept and pound on the door.
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It is my understanding that all masters understand all that which we utter, regardless of language used. A valid response, however, is quite a different bag of catnip. The master may or may decide to respond, as their whim dictates.
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I know our kitties understand:

Come here.
Do you want some catnip?
Do you want a treat?
Are you hungry?

I think they understand everything, but those are the words they react to!
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Pipsqueek knows more words than Frantic. They both know their names and OUT. But Pip also knows breakfast, I'm watching you, I'm in here, Belly rub and Lets go. Frantic knows thirsty, kisses (gives me a headbutt)and turn(He'll turn around on the sink so I can brush the other side) .
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Popsie understands din-din (dinner), night-night, and sometimes the word NO. Oh yeah, one night we were in bed and he had his eyes closed. He opened them the tinnest bit and I said "I see you peekin." He shut his eyes when I said that.
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He's learning 'no.' (Though he's stubborn as a mule... ) He knows 'kitsy food' means wet-food-time-oh-boy!

He also know 'puddin' cause that's what I usually call him.
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Butzie knows her name and "nummies!" I pat my thigh if I want her to follow me or the bed if I want her to come up and she will do so if she pleases.
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He understands 'no' and 'ow'... today he was standing on my ankle and it kind of hurt, I said ow, and he looked confused, because he only gets ow when attacking my feet... he didn't know what to do with himself.

He also responds to 'upee', 'ready for bed', 'kisses', 'what?' (I get an answer when I ask) 'come lay down', 'come here', and there are a lot of others. He's pretty responsive when I talk. It's just me and him so I talk to him a lot.
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Love Bugs (for nose kisses)
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They all know their names, although Eightball answers to any of them.

With 12 in the house, they have learned these corrective phrases:
I don't think so
What do you think you're doing?
Stop it NOW
Don't be an #%&@^

And the positive ones:
Good girl!
Good boy!
Up? or Pick up? (in my arms)
Are you hungry?

Then there are the non language things:
Treat bag crinkle
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Originally Posted by Katz4Life View Post
All of our cats know their names...we do a different tone with each name
All of them know "Outside" "Snacks" "Treats" "Come Here" "Wheres your toy?"
You said it perfectly.
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My kitties know their names and sometimes come when called. They also know:

Get down from there!
Come here
Want some nummies?
Let's go night-night and/or It's night-night time!

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"Num nums!" (Dinner time)
"Tookie tookie cat" (Da bird time)
"Up here" (Jump up where I am tapping)
"Headbut!" (Gives head but/cheek rub)
"Puss puss!" (Pixels nickname.)
"Widget!" (Obvious!)
"Widget Behave!" (When he tries to get rough.)
"Want some water?" (When giving a fresh bowl.)
"Talk to me!" (Pixel will chirble meow.)

I also talk to them with my eyes a lots. Slow blinks will get slow blinks in return. And I can look at Pixel then look at a spot on my sofa or bed and she will jump up to it.
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Blossom's known her name since she was a baby. I I say puss, puss in a high voice, she comes running. I I can't find her I only have to touch her food bag & she comes.
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Not a single cat in my house (there are 4) understands the word no. It's so strange.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Then there are the non language things:
Treat bag crinkle
oh, i forgot about those! mine understand hisses & finger snaps [both for disciplinary stuff] & also the shaking of the squirt bottle [i hardly ever have to squirt, just shake!]
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My two know actions and words. Lexi however is still gettin the hang of it all. They both know thir names though

Links has bee with us since he was born and I think he knows pretty much all of the words.

The words they mainly understand, although like I said Lexi is still learning:

Come here baby
Up (neither chose to listen to DOWN yet but I'm pretty sure Links knows what it means)
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They know their names, "come here", "no", "you hungrys", "birdie", and "game over"
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My cats understand their names. They also seem to understand when i say no. And they definately understand when I say nothing at all but just open a can of Evo!
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Bunny understands:

Bunna-bunna-bunna-bunna-bunakins! (to tune of batman)

Puppy understands:


So...Puppy's not so bright. For a small while we thought he finally understood "dinner". Then we realized he just comes downstairs when Bunny comes downstairs.
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