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This was mentioned in my fur pics thread with Riley's picture on santa's lap but I thought it was worth mentioning here.

Petsmart is sponsoring the photos, which went on last weekend and will be done next weekend also. A large portion of the money (cost is 8.95 with petsmart card) goes directly to the charity (cat or dog rescue, depending on who is running yours). It is a wonderful way to help the kitties and you get an adorable picture of your furbaby as a christmas keepsake also.

Santa is a volunteer and of the 3 we used, they were ALL very patient and wonderful with the animals, most of whom didn't want to be there and were squirmy

I put a halter and leash on Riley in case he decided to make a break for it, and they arranged the picture so it wouldn't show, with me holding the end of his leash outside the picture. If you can, you should really take advantage of this opportunity. The kitties will thank you for it