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Female cat in heat

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I was told that some females when in heat will mark their territory. Is this true and what are the chances of this happening?
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Have never seen this happen. If your kitty is peeing outside of the box you may want to take her to the vet. I would also get her spayed unless you plan to breed her.
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The reason I am asking is that this is a stray (I call her Mama Cat) I am fostering on weekends. When I brought her to the shelter this past October for a spay but she was already too far along and had kittens within 2 weeks. She is now in a foster home and all the little one have found homes. Mom still needs to hang out for about 2 weeks (she has her spay appointment on 2/17) for all her milk to dry up. Well, now she is in heat and if she starts marking she would have to go to the shelter until the Vet appointment - something I really don't want to see happening for her. Anyway, she has a home after get's the works - my mom is taking her in. So far everything is OK; I was just curious and a little anxious.
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Females can spray just like males. It doesn't mean that they will, but it's possible if she feels a threat.
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Please make sure she can't get out!!! My stray still had milk and was still feeding when she escaped (Shot out like she had been poked with a cow prod) couldn't catch her and that resulted in her mating and having kittens again!!! I also was told to bring her in to be spayed when the kittens were weaned but unfortunately she was raring to go sooner than that!!! Please be careful! Don't make the same mistake that I did! I will never forgive myself!!!
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Females will spray Helen if they feel crowded, threatened or stressed or if they are ill.
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I once had a strange kitty thagt was in heat for about 3 months. She inevitably got pregnant and had beautiful kittens, but 3 moths was rather strange!

-Sarah of Borg
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Thanks for the advise!! She hasn't sprayed yet and I don't think she'll start.

Bundy don't beat yourself up over this - we all have to learn - you are taking care of them all aren't you? So, some lucky people are going to adopt some beautiful kittens and Mama cat is going to get spayed.

And don't worry there not a chance in Heck she can get out! She has a private office and no escape route :0)))). She is now just sooo friendly and the poor girls hormones are making her and her weekday foster mom a little nutty. One week to go and then it's off to her forever home...
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