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Excessive Meowing

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After years of experience i came to know this fact.More often than not meowing is cat's way to get your attention. The meowing may be also be a sign that the cat is in discomfort or has a medical problem. Cats meow as a form of communication, as well. However, most cats meow simply because they are bored and want some human interaction. The solution is to provide the cat with an entertaining environment with more cat toys. Never pay attention to the constant meowing, as this will only encourage the cat to continue and will create an ongoing cat behavior problem.

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I think the best thing to do is to answer them back. (not yelling, but really, like 'what do you want?') Sometimes they really do want some kind of answer, and if you respond they will stop. Maybe they're sounding off hoping other cats will answer.
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I don't really mind my cat meowing at me when he wants attention. He's a vocal cat.
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After your years of experience you should know that cats meow because they know WE are vocal creatures so they are vocal with us. If you watch them on their own they hardly meow at each other. They growl, hiss, yowl when they fight or play but they do not meow the same way they do with us.
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I don't think cats only meow to get attention or if they're bored (but I'm no expert)). Maybe they just have something important to tell you Maybe they're hungry or they could be in need of a tummy rub!
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