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Da Bird has brought Lily out of her shell

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I cannot give enough praise to this new toy. They love it. Lily loves it so much that she's come out of her shell a lot in the last couple of days!

Every time we finish playing with her she sits out in the open whereas she normally hides. She also keeps searching the air hoping the feathery thing will reappear which is cute...

Yesterday my neighbour was over with her baby. Lily generally hides when little people come over - I was playing though, and my neighbour plonked her little girl near Lily, who kept on happily playing, and just kept an eye on the baby.

Then tonight, after she was done playing she sprawled out under the coffee table, pretty much at our feet, with our back to us She's NEVER hung out so close to us - especially not with her back to us!

I can't believe how happy and relaxed this toy seems to have made her. I hope it continues
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thanks sarah.let me check that toy in our market to that i can give that toy for my cat named pierre...

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That's fantastic! For the right cat play therapy can do wonders. It's a great bonding experience for everyone involved (as long as the cat wants to play)

I've really loved seeng your photos and It's great to hear it's helping Lily feel more comfortable.

Da Bird is just the best cat toy ever. I have 24 replacement da bird heads stashed away in storage now. It's not sold in the UK so I just bought in bulk on ebay, heh.. being da bird less now is not an option.
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I can't believe how effective that toy is. I just bought one tonight, and spent hours playing with it. Cairo finally has a toy that she gets active for. She plays fetch with our other feather toy, but that game involves her slowly traipsing down the stairs and eventually coming back up with the toy in her mouth and begging for a treat.

Now she's jumping, doing all kinds of crazy backflips and all for Da Bird. When she catches it, she growls like crazy and tries to run and hide with it. It's too funny.

This toy has definitely lived up to the hype. Now I just need to add replacement heads to my budget.
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We love Da Bird at my house, too!! My Hannah will stalk it and pounce on it and catch it and jump for it...none of which she does for any other toy. She absolutely LOVES the little sparkly attachment for it. She goes bonkers for that thing! LOL

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Isn't it insane how much they love it?!!? PJ & Punky will be so winded they can hardly walk if I don't monitor how much they're exerting themselves when playing with it! A play session once a day with PJ & Da Bird keeps him outta trouble!

Da Bird can usually get my timid Lily to come out when strangers are around, too!
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for Da Bird! and yay for Lily!

I looked in the phone book and we have a "Pet Value" but they don't carry "Da Bird." They have something sort of like it which I bought a few months ago. But my cats don't like it. It's on a string and the feathers and the little piece of wood that they attach too are too heavy for the string and you can't "fling" it. And the string gets all tangled up and wound up.

I also called "Pet Land" and they don't carry it either. So I don't think it's available in Canada.
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Yay for Lily! Da Bird ROCKS!

I think we need to get another one so we can play with the little hyper girls and Trent (and maybe Ophelia if she comes out) at the same time.
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I've been considering getting one of these ever since I started reading this forum but none of the pet stores locally sell it. I just searched and ordered it online.

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It's a great toy! I just wish the wand and string were a bit sturdier. Now I just buy the replacement "birdies" and attach them to better poles.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
It's a great toy! I just wish the wand and string were a bit sturdier. Now I just buy the replacement "birdies" and attach them to better poles.

Hmmm! I think I'm going to buy a cheap fishing rod! I would be able to cast the toy across the room and pull it back with the reel.
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Oh boy my shoulders are sore... There's a spot at the bottom of each shoulder blade that hurts. And I've had a headache all day, I think because my Da Bird muscles are all tight.

Lily's sleeping on my belly in the morning after she's come in for her morning snuggles - that's also new since Da Bird
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DaBird came today....the cat's LOVE it. My Lilly is slightly overweight (but we're working at that) and never really likes to run and chase things around. Wow..she was LEAPING in the air tonight. It's amazing. After I put it away she remembered the closet I put it in and was scratching and meowing at the door. I don't think she's ever done that for even food before.

Thank goodness I got an extra set of feathers for it. Little Forrest goes crazy and really attacks it. I think he can clear over 2 feet of free air under him when he jumps.

I also bought the insect (butterfly) that is made by the same company. It's a butterfly on the end of a wire. The cats were not very interested in it - only Da Bird.
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