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I have a question for you... (you must see this)

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My husband snapped this pic of LB (little boy) tonight, as he was waking up from a nap. He had been sleeping in this position as well. lol

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That looks rather uncomfortable. Makes me wanna stretch my back and sit up straight!
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Woodward sleeps like that all the time. I can't see how it would be very comfortable but he never seems to mind!
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I think he's getting in a good streeeeetttttcccchhhh.....
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Looks great to me! Bout 30 mins from finishing up a silly midnight shift I got stuck working this month of all times.

I can't wait to get home and do the same lol!
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Talk about working those obliques!
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I think I saw that pose in "Pilates for Cats!
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Awww, seeing that reminds me of why I'm so jealous of cats and dogs extreme stretching abilities.
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Winchester sleeps like that all the time, too! I don't see how he can be comfortable that way, but he must be..

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I really have no idea how that is even comfortable, it hurts my neck just looking at it
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ouch! that's makes my back hurt! kitties are so silly!
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I can't believe he's still in one piece!
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Is he made of rubber?
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You guys are so funny.

I really think he might be made of rubber.

He is so "floppy" when you pick him up. I think he thinks if he goes limp, it will be harder to hang on to him, and he won't be forced to accept your love...


I LOOOOOOOOVE this cat. He is the sweetest thing in the entire world. he is so much fun to watch. I really wanted to name him Goober, but the husband wouldn't let me. He had refused to actually NAME him, so this kitty got stuck with the name Little Boy. It makes me sad. He has so much personality. I feel he should have a REAL name. So I call him LB.

Oh well. I guess we all can't win every game huh?

Ooh! BTW, that is him as a baby in my sig. Minus the blue eyes, I photoshopped them in. Didn't know what color his eyes would be, so I was wishing with the blue. lol
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This kitty is doing yoga.
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Oh my word.....I have NO idea!

I was having a hard time just figuring out how his body went! Are you sure he wasn't part of a magic trick and they just didn't get him back together right?
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it looks like someone has been practicing their yoga!!!
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