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Spotty's special catering need

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Do any of you have a cat like this?

Spotty is adjusting to his 100% wet food diet. He needs 2 bowls for one 3 ounce can of canned food. Because if I put the 3 ounces into one bowl then there just isn't enough room on the bottom of the bowl for him to lick it up with his tongue. That means he will flatten it with his tongue like a pancake and leave it to dry up. But if the can is divided into 2 bowls he will actually eat it. And he takes a long time to eat, nibble here, walk away, come back, nibble.......

Unlike my other cat Rosie who can eat a full 3 ounce can in less than 5 minutes and then come and eat Spotty's bowl if she feels like it. Is there a logical explanation for this difference in my 2 cats eating habits?
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Just like us NO two kittys are exactly alike
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I have one that eats like that. I think he never learned how to eat wet food when he was little and thinks he is supposed to lick it instead of bite it. It is really weird and I have to sit by him until he finished or the others will shove him off his food.

They all inhale their food no licking, biting or chewing required
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I had to laugh when I read this post. My cats are the exact same way. For my female cat, Pepsi, the canned food must be at or very near the center of the bowl or she will NOT eat it --- she’ll simply walk away, as if the pushed-aside food is no good anymore, or is completely inaccessible. She tends to lick at the canned food as much as she eats it, and as a result she pushes portions of it to the edges of the bowl. My wife and I thought that a flat dish might be a solution, but no --- she does the exact same thing. So after each “walk away” we have to use a fork to reposition the uneaten food back to the center of the bowl, at which point she treats it as though it’s brand-new food. It usually takes 2-3 repositions before she finally finishes.

And all of this is going on while my male cat, Bobert, is howling to be let out of the nearby bathroom, because he finished his (larger) portion in about 15.7 seconds and wants more more more. Fortunately she’s not at all distracted by his crying and pathetic attempts to break down the door. If he ever learns how to open the door we’ll be in trouble.
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