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Silly dog

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I just had to share. I woke up in the middle of the night to Thunder barking. He likes to sleep outside of our bedroom at night usually, somewhere in the rest of the basement. He kept barking and would not stop, I got up and checked and everything was fine... took him outside thinking he had to potty but he did not. All day today, if left alone outside of the bedroom, he would bark continuously. If I brought him into the bedroom he just paced and whined and stared at me. To be honest, he was starting to drive me a little crazy with his barking and whining. I kept telling John that SOMETHING is wrong, I just don't know what. I fed Thunder, checked his water... everything was as it should be.

Then I was sitting here and listening to him bark once again and had a thought. Yesterday we started cleaning in the basement... throwing away junk that doesn't need to be here and such. We hung up a drop light in the darkest area of the basement for more light. And when we quit cleaning, we left the light on to give the basement more light. I thought maybe the light was bothering Thunder, so I went out and turned it off.

He's been quiet ever since! I guess he thought I needed to know that something was different than it should be!
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awr how sweet
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Aww, he's just protecting you
Bear protects me from the vacuum, and cordless phones all the time
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