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Thursday DT

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It's snowing again today. I'm heading off to work in about an hour. I HATE winter!!!!! Urgh! On the bright side.....apparently the Canadian gopher did not see his shadow so maybe I'll be in shorts in a month Wishful thinking.....that's what gets me through the day.

Hope everyone has a great day.

I'm fighting a headache today also. Starting to wonder if this is going to be a thursday event. Last thursday I stayed in bed all day.

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We are supposed to expect snow today or tonight. Ugh! I think thats a friday event around here.
Woke up this morning to find one of my pig figurines broken, Penka had gotten into the bookshelves, opened the closet. Oh boy. I just took a deep breath and said to myself, 'Its not her fault, shes just a curious cat' and I felt better. Maybe its the oils LOL.
Peedoodle is extra smoochy at the moment, maybe the smell of the oil burning has made him mellow? he keeps wanting more and more affection, its really nice, I love it when he is like that!
I dont know what I am going to do today, but I am really looking forward to CSI tonight! I think I will go to bed and try and sleep, Im so tired, I had the weirdest dream last night.

Have a great day!
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Speaking of dreams....me too! It was too funny. All I remember of it was that I went on a trip to visit Hissy and Mike and that the reason for the trip was so that Mike could draw me a picture of a cow......that is beyond weird. I'm not even that fond of cows so I have no clue what that is about. But.....it's my first TCS dream!!!!!! :LOL:
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We're still having warmer than usual temps but, the nights are cold. Its 36, right now. We're expecting rain, around Wednesday.

I don't think that I'm going to get far from home, today. Something that I ate, has not agreed with me.

Still trying to keep Pearl as subdued as possible. That's not easy, as she and Rowdy are wrestling buddies. When they get too rambunctious, I put Pearl in the crate, for a "time out". The post-op instructions say to keep her from running and playing, for 7-14 days. Unfortunately, the dog can't read.

Have a good one.
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Well, I clobbered hubby with a mallet this morning, so he's still in bed! Some of you may have missed it - he's got strep AND pneumonia! Of course, he got sick just when the Doctors in New Jersey went on strike (Monday and Tuesday) and are on an on-going work slow-down. We basically spent Monday and Tuesday chasing around trying to get him treatment - well - trying to get him diagnosed. I don't know how I've managed it, but I don't think I'm getting sick! YAY!

Well - the cold weather is back. We had a veritable heat wave here - it got up into the 50s one day!!!!!! But we're back in the teens again.

...and although we're kind of inbetween jobs, we're still employed at the place we haven't quit yet. And we've actually had to get some work done. ...and hubby is conveniently sick just when it really heats up... hmmmmmm......

Cindy - maybe it's all that chocolate catching up with you from last Saturday?

Kellye - is it catnip oil?

Ghys - is it possible to be Canadian and hate Winter? You get so much of it! And I sure hope your gopher is right - that means it should clear up for us too!!! Hope your headache clears up.

Happy Day, everyone!
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Originally posted by LDG

is it possible to be Canadian and hate Winter? You get so much of it!
You bet it is! I hate winter, and cold and snow and.......

Very busy at work, so haven't been posting much the last few days! Miss everybody here.

Going to be in Buffalo for the day on Saturady to watch a lacrosse game.

Have an ob/gyn appointment in about 1 hour. I hate these appointments, but if I am trying to pregnant have to be there at least once a month.

Will try to post more often. If you don't see me much - don't worry - I am alive and fine!

Laurie - you tell that man of yours to take care of himself or he has to answer to us!
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{{{LDG's dh}}} ugh that sounds miserable that whole situation!
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Originally posted by LDG
Ghys - is it possible to be Canadian and hate Winter? You get so much of it! And I sure hope your gopher is right - that means it should clear up for us too!!! Hope your headache clears up.

Happy Day, everyone!
And yes LDG, it is very possible that every Canadian by the middle of February totally hates winter! But, again many people in the US get more snow and bad weather than us here in Toronto. Last year I don't even remember wearing winter boots because we had hardly any snow in Toronto.I think most people are just wanting more sun at this time of year. Get's depressing with all the darkness.

I've been cooking all day and posting my resume at a couple of job sites. With all my job searching I never want to have to search for job again! Ick! I'm so sick of this search......
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LOL Ghyslaine! I have news for you Mike can't draw a cow! If you want a schematic of how to put in an electrical box or conduit pipe, well step right up!

Thanks for the giggle, I needed it this cold blustery morning! Ice everywhere you look and going outside is definitely a balance act right now. I had enough of this stuff in Alaska, this is Oregon for pete's sake!

Everybody enjoy your day- I am headed for another cup of coffee.
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How many cups of coffee have you had today Hissy? I think I will go and make my third....
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Thank God!!! The bank found my deposite this morning! I had 2 NSF charges, but they paid the checks that went through and they are waiving the fees. Talk about freakin! Is it Friday yet? Is it really Thursday? When's the weekend?
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woke up feeling like "blah" this morning. came into work late. not really sick, but not weel. just a bit of a fever and some aches. seemd like i am sick more this winter than ever before. anyone else finding the same thing? maybe it's just my imagination.

on the good side, we have sun today. and ed wanted some love this morning. we babysat for some friends last night. they have a one year old girl (angel) and two very nice cats. the cats are little lovers and when i come home from their place ed always looks offended -- "you've been unfaithful. how could you!" poor guy.

nenners - glad they found the deposit!!!
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Hissy...put in an electrical box huh? Well...I'll just ahve to keep that in mind for my next dream!!! I'm still puzzled about what I was planning on doing with a cow picture and why I'd travel sop far to have one made! Geesh....

Laurie...I am Canadian and I despise winter!!!! Although....when I stop and think, this winter has not been nearly as bad as others in the past. What do all the other Canadians think? Has it been a tougher one or not? I just hate winter driving and am really excited when spring arrives and I don't have to think about the road conditions and how long it will take me to scrape my windows. Goota love our gopher....he better be telling the truth!:tounge2:

Kellye, hope you have had time to rest.

Jan...that's too funny. Took me a minute to realise who ed is (yes...I realise the explanation is in your signature. I just hadn't looked right away!)
And...I agree with you. This winter has been tough. Seems like when you get sick, it just doesn't completely go away. It lingers forever.

Nenner....Thank God they found the deposit. What an unnecessary headache for you.
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Well, all the cats have been following me everywhere today. I must be giving off some kind of cat smell. BUT the good thing is, they are not fighting, well I mean Penka isnt attacking any of the boys. They all actually came and sat on the bed with me while I played a game!
So it has been pretty peaceful. Whew!
Its snowing right now. Ugh. In New Zealand, we do not get that much snow, only in the mountains. And I still cant get used to all that snow here!
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We took Ted's mom down to the nursing home for a vist,she will proubly go in Monday or Tuesday,it is a very nice place,small only 85 people,so there is a lot of one on one care,clean,and the people looked happy.But it dosn;t matter how she feels, she has to go.For many reasons. I was born and raised in PA. and I hate the snow,the cold,driving,gas bill's.Having to wear shoes! I can not wait intill spring!
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