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Maybe because I still don't know whether I'm an atheist, agnostic, or a non-believer, I have to ask: If you want tolerance of others' beliefs, why so little respect? I've got to call attention to this post! I've got Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and Shintoist relatives, not to mention Natve American relatives who are Mormons or atheists, so what course of action do you who label yourselves Christians recommend? I see a lot of condemnation of people whose beliefs don't "jive". Is that what you call "tolerance"?
lol lets see, i have christian, muslim, hindu,budda, hmm wicca , that about covers it.
no shintoist.

Granted Many christians also need to lean the word Tolerance. If you really have Tolerance, Then people who express there belief, if you agree or disagree with it, then you does not bother you. Tolerance does not mean dont ask , dont tell.TOlerance is accepting the fact that someone has a system that is different then your belief.

At least to some in this county evertime something pops up that some people disagree with, it now comes offensive, Well, first disagreing with something, does not make it offensive. Second, if you look over the bill rights i dont see anything that says you have right not to offened.

anyway, all that any document from the founding father have said, is that goverment shall not make a STATE religion. The separtion of church and state, is ment to stop a religion from countrol of the country. It does not state, you shall not talk about or display your religion.