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2 cats in need of homes

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these two girls are in need of homes. they are 7 months old. they're sisters, id like to see them stay together.

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Sending homing vibes out to those 2 sisters My comp doesn't show the full pics, but it looks like one's a calico and the other sis has some stunning striping
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these two girls need homes ASAP. my mom is on the verge of kicking them outside. to avoid that, i have them locked in my bedroom, but with a mom and 4 baby's in there too, makes it a little cramped. please! im begging all you guys to help, i've been trying for the past 3 months to find these girls a home, and nothing.
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Oh my gosh! I would totally take them but I dont give me address.
I hope you find a good home for them!
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Oh no! We pray, wish, & hope that those kittens can find a home
Here are tons & tons of For them to find a home!
Heres for good luck too just in case!
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these two sisters still need a home. im doing all i can here to try and find homes for them. nothing is working.
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Originally Posted by Hannahmt5 View Post
Oh my gosh! I would totally take them but I dont give me address.
I hope you find a good home for them!
Couldn't you go meet her in some agreed upon area? Or go to her house? That way she'd not know your address and the kittens would have a home!
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i didn't know what she meant by that. if she wants to try and meet up somewhere im all for it
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Im pretty sure the person who said that is to young to give address out!
I dont think you can PM if they're under 18, and you can't pm her soo....
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shelby and speckles still need a home. and it looks like im going to be moving soon and i wont be able to take all the cats with me. HELP!
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ok, now this one needs a home too. the other two still need homes

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Have you gone to and listed them under the pet section??? I would try it asap if I were you....lots of pets find homes on there! Good luck!!
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I would like to apoligize for what I said. It just broke my heart so see that he was up there!! It turned out to be a misunderstanding, and we are trying to work out a way to get him here! I am also going to edit that post, since Kristi took Crybaby off of there for me! (thank you for that)
I shouldn't have overacted like that, it was childish and I am sorry.... There was no excuse!
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good news (depending on how you look at it) the 2 older sisters have a home. this girl i went to school with, her mom came into where i work and was looking at my flyers and said how this lady that she knows, her boyfriend of 33 years recently passed away and she wanted 2 cats to keep her company. how awesome was that. so she took the 2 older ones, and she is a very nice older lady. she has two grandkids and the cats absolutely love them. she is going to get them spayed, i gave her the name of the low cost vet. and shes going to keep me updated.
as for the other ones. my mom has decided to keep one of the kittens. which leaves 3 left from that litter, one of which glitch wants, just dont know how to get him to her. which leaves two...i cant seem to decide which one im more attached to, so im just thinking about keeping them both, which would give me a total of 4.
as for the mother cat. my friend, her owner, hasnt given any money to help feed her, buy litter for her, nothing. and is showing no effort in getting her back. so, tomorrow im going to get my taxes done, yay taxes, and im going to look into the possibility of getting her spayed, and maybe keeping her. as for getting the other ones fixed, vet wont do it until they are at least 6 months. so i have another couple of months to go. but all is on a good page for now...hopefully...
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