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He had mny talents

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I don't think I ever showed these to you but I will now. My dad had many talents and building boats was one of them. These were all done from scratch and he didn't use any kits.

The first one he made

This is the second one he made

And this one isn't finished because he never got the chance to.. I keep it in a safe place
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Wow, those are beautiful!
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Those are so beautiful! My dad would have loved them! He didn't build them, but he was in the Navy and was on boats since he was a kid. He loved things like that.

Your dad had a gift. You can tell how much he loved doing them.
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What wonderful keepsakes to remember him by! I only have memories of the ships my father built when I was very small -- they were all crushed by the movers when we came back from Germany in 1962. But they're still vivid in my mind, all the carefully painted detail and intricate rigging, just like your papa did. Thank you for sharing a little of your dad with us.
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Those are really beautiful...your dad was very talented!
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Those are so nice...what a wondeful thing to have of his
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How skilled and patient he was. They are beautiful.
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