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medicine thieves?!

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Zebra has developed a thing for stealing medicine from me whenever I give Tango his eye medicine!

She gets soooo excited whenever she hears me getting his medicine out and start to unscrew the tops. She'd come running and stare as I wrap Tango up in his towel (so he can't hurt ME) then as I put the top down on the couch or somewhere, she immediately gets up and will literally pick up the top OR the medicine bottle with her teeth and take off with it in her mouth to one of her fav hiding places. Even if I try to hide the top of the bottle or the bottles itself, she still digs them out and takes off with them.. After I finish giving Tango each medicine, I have to go hunting for the top piece or the bottle. That means I have to do it at least 10-15 times a day since I have to give Tango 5 different eye medicines 2-3 times a day!

It's real cute though. Any of ur cats do this??? PLS tell me Zebra's not the only one with this WEIRD thing?!
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None of my cats do that, but Taco always comes running when it's time for his Lysine. You'd think he wouldn't like having a pill put down his throat every day but he always gets excited when it's medicine time. Even if he thinks I'm reaching for his pill bottle, he comes running and starts rubbing against me and going crazy!
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Can't say either of mine are excited to take medicine, but Lilly loves to play pharmacist by opening the cabinet where I keep the human meds and knocking them off the shelf and onto the floor.
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Thats funny!

My Laura comes running from wherever she is when I take my vitamins, suuplements or Tylenol. Or in the past any prescription I have had. If it werent fo the fact that Im bigger than her I think she would knock me down and grab the bottle and run.

When Laura was spayed, she pulled out her stitches and would NOT wear an e-collar or any device to keep her away from her incision. They put staples and she started pulling those out, too. So the vet advised me to leave her with them, while she healed, so she could be confined and if she pulled anymore out they could address it.

Well they gave her pain meds ..... so I have always thought that she comes running because the sound remind her of her pain meds, that she loved to take
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hey pamela its good so far.the medice for eye improves the visionary of ur cat.

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I about DIED of an heart attack this morning! I had all 6 medicine bottles lined up ready to be used on my kitchen counter (set up last nite to save time in mornings).

This morning when I walked in, I only saw THREE bottles! I immediately looked on the kitchen floor but no bottles.. I looked under the ref, no bottles still! I started walking around my apt glaring at Zebra (thief), muttering "where did u put the bottles u silly girl?!" I found all 3 in her cat cube in the living room! I was surprised that they were in the living room- thought they'd still be in the kitchen!

She wasn't HAPPY when I took them away! She immediately started meowing pitifully.

With Zebra looking so pitiful, I ended up looking for a old medicine bottle and put it on the floor for her to play with. Guess what?! She didn't want it!

Guess that means I have to keep all medicine in a cupboard from now on to be safe because some of the medicine are EXPENSIVE (One small bottle cost $100!).

Wanna bet she'll try to steal the medicine tonight as I give Tango his dosages EVEN with that old bottle lying on the floor?
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