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Our kitty got outside!!!

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We have been slowly trying to break our male cat of the habit of going outdoors. We rescued him from outside when he was a kitten. He was an "outside only" cat for about 2 months before we took him in. In the beginning, my husband was letting him out from time to time, but for the past few weeks now, we have been keeping him indoors all the time. He hasn't been too happy about it (our cat) and had gotten really sneaky about trying to dart out the door everytime we came in or out of the apartment. He would also sit by the door yowling to be let out, but we want him indoors only because we have way too many dangers in our neighborhood - including raccoons and CARS and really mean people! Yesterday afternoon, he got out! And the tag on his collar had just broken off mere days ago!!! Now he's out there without ID! Usually when we would let him out, he would always come home by late afternoon, but my husband and I had to leave and didn't have time to continue looking for him, and we hoped that by the time we got home, he would be waiting at the door. He wasn't. Now it's the next day and I spent all morning looking for him and haven't found him yet! I'm worried because he is a beautiful all-black cat and very sociable. Can any of you suggest anything to help me get him back? I'm SO worried about him as we live in an apartment complex that is close to busy streets! Any suggestions would be helpful. And if/when I get him back, how do I KEEP him INSIDE?! We also have a female (same age as the male) who has never gone outside and has no interest in the outside... They are best of friends and she keeps meowing at me wondering where her buddy is! :-(
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What you can do is take an old shirt that you don't want anymore, and put it on and work out in it. Get it really sweaty and musty with your scent, then set the shirt outside the door so he can "scent" it. If he has favorite toys put those there, make sure there is food and water and for him, provide a box for protection (invert a cardboard box and carve a big enough hole in it so he can hide when he feels threatened. Is he neutered? Toms stray great distances, but usually they come back. I know how you feel right now, I had one vanish on me for about a week before he came back. I saturated the neighbors with leaflets with his current picture on it and my phone number and pounded on doors, bugged everybody! And when he came back, he was in such good condition that I know he was kept by someone, but I think he just found a way out and came home. He has not strayed off the property since. Good luck, I will pray he comes home soon. Also call the vets, the humane shelters near you and let them know he is missing.
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Thanks for the advice! I'll try it. As a matter of fact, he isn't neutered yet! He has an appointment for this week (it's almost like he knew!!). I'm so worried about him! I was just outside again looking but nothing yet! How frustrating! I am freaking out right now but hoping he comes home soon!
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I hope he comes home soon!! Thats probably why he wanted out so bad. When he comes home and gets neutered, you may not have any problems with him sneaking out. I am sure he's going to go do his thing and then get homesick. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
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Oh Jadekitty....my heart just goes out to you!!!! I know how you must feel right now!!!!! I will say a prayer that he makes it back home to you...please, please keep us posted on this, as we will worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad you have joined us here at the catsite...and we will help you out all we can, and we will be praying for your baby! What is his name?
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I'm very sorry to hear your feline buddy is on a walk-about in a dangerous neighborhood! He'll probably come home soon, though. You'd do well to follow Hissy's advice (above).

I once had a feline friend who was an indoor/outdoor guy; and I was always worried as there were coyotes, raccoons and adolescent-male humans in the neighborhood — the latter being the greatest danger to cats.

This is a very hard time for you just now, but know we are here for you through thick and thin!

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Keep on looking!!!! My Squirt was lost for 2 weeks a few years ago in my HUGE apartment complex. He was hanging out in another area of the complex. Also put up signs, if you can. I was finally directed to where Squirt was hanging out by a response to a sign I had put up in one of the laundry rooms.

I don't mean to disagree with Sandie, but both of my boys are neutered and still try to dash out the door. Joey has never been outside, but if you look up "curiousity" in the dictionary, his face is there.

Good luck, and I'll be thinking about you. Let us know what's happening.
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Hello everyone!!! Thanks for your well-wishes!!! I had the day off yesterday from work and spent it wandering the neighborhood looking for our cat. Didn't find him... :-(

BUT! This morning when hubby and I were leaving for work, we heard our baby meowing! We called out to him and he came running over from a neighbor's patio. I think they had him inside as they used to eye him when he was an indoor/outdoor cat (another reason why I kept trying to keep him IN). I believe they probably coerced him inside with some food (he's a little glutton!), but they couldn't keep him inside as I'm SURE he was howling not only to be let out, but for his mommy and daddy and his pal Jo (the girl kitty). Mishu is the boy and I'm happy to say that when we saw him and opened the front door for him, he RAN inside! He's safe at home now and we'll be there during our lunch hour to show him how very much we missed him (and to do a flea-tick check and make sure he's ok)!

I know that all your well-wishes helped, too! Thank you all very much! We're one big happy family again (and hubby and I are relieved)!

Thanks again!
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I am so glad he is home!!!! : :
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that is the BEST news. I'm so happy for you. You made my day.
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So are we! I almost cried when I saw him! I can't wait to go home and play with him and give him some yummy treats!
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I am sooooo happy for you!!!! I had a good feeling he'd be back!
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we're glad, too! thanks to everybody who gave me advice! now i can't wait to take him to the vet for his neutering and we'll be A LOT more careful going in and out of the house now (although we already were VERY careful!)... tomorrow we are getting his new stainless steel ID tag (in the meantime he's got one I made yesterday that you write on and put in the oven like a Shrinky Dink - it's pretty neat)!!! yippee!
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Our local humane society now implants microchips with owner information. My younger cat, Joey, has one. Do they do something similar where you live?
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It is well worth the time to do it too. Stryker got lost a few years ago and injured. When he was taken to the vet they scanned him and contacted us that they had found him! He had been gone for 3 weeks!
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That's a good idea. I know they do it here - I'll have to look into it!
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