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I'm Pregnant -- But she thinks SHE is!

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Reagan appears to think that she is pregnant. When we adopted her, we were told that she was spayed. Though we've been unable to detect a scar, she wouldn't be the first cat I've known who didn't have a surgery scar from a spay/neuter, and we've not thought until recently (Baloo) to have an ultrasound done (unnecessary expense and taking her in for surgery would probably be cheaper, honestly).

Anyway, with her not having had a detectable season and showing no genuine symptoms of pregnancy (normal nipples, etc, etc), we're pretty sure she's spayed and not pregnant

Anyway, I'm right at the end here. I'm due next week, and the animals all seem to know it! At any rate, today I noticed that Reagan was "nesting." She's started looking for cupboards to bed down in, and is exhibiting every behavior of a pregnant feline I know! And I'm talking at least seven weeks pregnant -- if she was, trust me, I'd know

There are no signs of phantom pregnancy, just her behavioral changes, like she's trying to get a place ready for "her" new baby! It's so sweet of her!
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LOL Cute! At least your new little one will have a warm bed to come home to!

I guess it's a bit like ow we humans get when there's a pregnant gal around: everyone starts acting like their preggo! Even the guys!

Sounds like you have a fun and interesting home right now! Cats spraying, you trying to not roll on the floor looking for the smell, animals going nuts because they are getting ready for a new little one, and the cat making a bed for the baby!
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LOL! We did finally find the smell. He hadn't sprayed after all, but peed somewhere he wasn't supposed to. We hadn't seen it because it's been cloudy and we didn't have enough light in a room that didn't have a lamp until DH put a bulb in it. We got it cleaned up and no more smell.
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Aww...that is just too cute! She's helping you out, Mom!
I've noticed on your sig that your time is close.....best of luck!
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That is really cute!

When my best friend found out she was pregnant, she noticed her roommate's shih-tzu not ever leaving her side. The dog definitely picked up on it! Animals have a sense for these things.
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