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Nighttime Crazies... at wits end! HELP!!

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Hi, My name is Kristy and my cat's name is Yoshi. He's a neutered male ocicat who's 1 and 2mo.s old. Yoshi is half Siamese, so he's very social and outgoing and needy. I knew this when I took him on as a pet, and I was prepared because as a student I am home for normally 6-8 hours a day. Generally I play with Yoshi for about 2 hours of interactive play or more, normally about 3-3/12. (Yoshi is smart and loves to fetch his ball!) As an ocicat he's also very vocal, which is nice because his meows are somewhat musical... they can become quite whiny though when he wants attention lol.

My problem, well, I play with him for about an hour or two before bed (with high protein snack after), and normally an hour during the day. I'm home all the time so when he wants to talk or cuddle I'm here. I recently got him a climber, thinking that might help with the night time runnings. The problem isn't so much that he plays late at night it that he meows and expects more play time.

I honestly can't figure out what I'm doing wrong so I really need help form experts! I take him outside every three days, we walk around the building together regularly, play every day, I give him attention when he needs it. I'm worried I have pampered him so much he expects me to play all the time!! I can't because I do need study time and sleep time lol I am a person after all! I don't think it is health related because he had his last check up a little while ago, and his food and stools are normal... HELP :P
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Is getting another cat an option?

Demetri is far less clingy since I got 2 more Oci's, even though he had 7 moggies to play with they don't have the energy level of Ocicats so they would be tired and sleeping while he still needed to play. Now the 3 Oci's keep each other occupied, I play with them for several hours a day before and after work and they all sleep through the night (aged 4,7,10 months)
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I second that emotion!

Cats recharge quicker than we do. A few hours sleep and they are up again! Especially high energy cats like the Oriental type breeds.

Getting him a playmate that can match him can make both of you happy. Remember, energy cannot be extinguished, only redirected. He not only needs things to do, he is signaling you he would like more companionship, as well.
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Go buy a toy called "Da Bird". He will leap and jump and run playing with this toy.
The type of play that is produced by this toy will really wear him out. So I suggest playing with him for 30 mins or so, right before you want to go to bed.
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