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Maybe a cold??

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I think George has a cold. He keeps sneezing - started yesterday. I know "stuff" is going around, could he also have picked up something? He's an indoor cat and I don't think he's been around too many people the past week - unless I carried something home. Nothing is new in his life (or mine) such as food, detergent, cleaning products, etc... What should I keep an eye out for to make sure it's only a cold? I feel so bad for him when he starts sneezing - he usually makes sure he's in the same room as I am when he starts. Guess he wants to make sure I know what's happening!
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He can't catch human colds, only cat colds, which in theory you could give him if you were around other sick cats. Or he could be having a re-occurrence of a previous cold, some of which are chronic like feline herpes and re-occur or perhaps something else entirely is going on. I'd consult a vet.

Do you have contact with other cats?

You say he starts sneezing when he's in the room with you but when you're not in the room with him how do you know if he's sneezing or not?

Most cats who have colds also develop some mucus discharge from the nose or eyes, the eyes get drippy, or gooey, or the 3d eyelid shows, some loose appetite, and generally they appear "sick". But it can be any combination +/- of the above.
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Look for any change in play/sleep habits, runny eyes, runny nose, decrease in food consumption. Also, you will most likely be able to hear if your kitty is congested, so listen for that. We run a vaporizer at night in our bedroom for our kitties. If you don't have a vaporizer, you can get the bathroom nice & steamy, then take your cat in the bathroom with you until the steam has dissipated.

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Nothing is new except for the sneezing! It's very strange. The only other thing I could think of is since the Christmas decorations were recently put up that he's allergic or bothered by one of those...
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Fleas will also cause a kitty to sneeze. Has he been treated for fleas lately? They can e carried in on your clothes...just a thought.
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No sneezing today! Hopefully whatever "it" was has passed. Thanks for your replys.
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