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Kitty kisses

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I read on a site once that cat's kisses are blinks. When they blink at you, they are actually giving you kisses.

So I started blinking at my cats and they would just look at me really weird, like "oh yeah, so you think you understand us now eh?". But then one day Tigger blinked! But with only one eye! What the heck does THAT mean?! I blink and blink until my eyes hurt and all they can give me is one lousy blink with one eye?!?!


Has anybody heard of this before? I think it's true, but I also heard that staring into an animals eyes are a challenge and with cats, the first one to blink is admitting submissiveness... I dunno.

What do you think?
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LOL I have never heard that one before, but I am going to try it on Peedoodle! LOL thats cute!
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Actually, bumping noses is a greeting, for cats. Staring is considered an act of aggression. I have had several cats that winked, though. I'm not sure of the significance of that but, I thought it was cute.
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Kahu stares into my eyes all the time and hes not an aggressive cat. I wonder if its related to his deafness?
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Kellye, sounds possible. (about the deafness).

I try to kiss my cats on the nose ut they won't have any of that, so I have to settle with kissing their cheeks.
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I give my kitty kisses by grabbing them and just smootching all over their little heads.

I like the idea of them kissing me when they blink, my girls are quite blinky .
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I always blink to my cats. As far as I know cats experience it as agression from your side if you stare at them.
And I think staring IS agression, if you look what cats do themselves when they fight.
So Tamme : Keep blinking
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I will els, and thanks, but what does a one-eyed blink mean? any suggestions?

How about "I pooed on the floor again and you're gonna step in it"
or "while you're asleep I'm gonna stick my stinky bum in your face and you're not gonna know"

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