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Texas weather

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Okay, how do you go from 85 degrees F yesterday to the 40s-50s today to freezing rain tonight? I love this state, but the weather sometimes...

I'm going to go from shorts and t-shirts to light coat to heavy coat in the matter of three days!
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I remember that kind of weather in Austin. Lunchtime it could be 90 degrees, and after work you'd need a coat 'cause a cold front blew in and the temperature had dropped 40+ degrees. When you are used to hot weather, the 40s and 50s are cold!
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Uh,oh! Sending our local weather out your way, I see Around here, the hi/lo can vary over 60 degrees on a routine basis - it's that lack of humid air. Sure can make for a lousy round of sinus infections
I do feel badly for all the people back East - what miserable conditions. How awful for the homeless people and the lost/stray kitties with no home
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You know...I wondered the same thing. They said tonight it will get down to 26 degrees... Then people wonder why they are getting sick.
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