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cat emergency!!

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about a week ago, my cat started throwing up more frequently than usual and then on tuesday, she stopped eating and stopped going to the bathroom. we took her to the vet on wednesday because we suspected a hairball or that she may have eaten something. they ran blood work and an xray and they both came back clean. they gave her fluids for dehydration and some special cat food to help her eat and she ate it but vomited again on friday. we took her back to the vet on saturday morning and she had projectile vomit. they said they wanted to do exploratory surgery so we agreed and they found that her duodenum (the very beginning of the small intestine) was inflamed. it could either be cancer or just an infection. they took a biopsy to see which it is. the vet said it most likely isnt cancer. they gave her meds to make the swelling go down but it hasnt. we brought her home today, monday, but she has thrown up twice since shes been home. she keeps on hiding and im afraid that she might be dying. the biopsy results come back tomorrow. has this ever happened to anyone's cat? please help. thanks
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I wish I has the answer but I am pretty frustrated myself, if it were cancer wouldnt that show up in the bloodwork? I have a similar problem if you want to read my post in this forum
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I have no experience with this. I sending lots of healing vibes your way hoping that the biopsy comes back benign and your kitty is starting to improved tonight. What is her name?

Please let us know what your results are and how things are going.
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How are you feeding her? Are you letting her get her fill, or feeding small amounts several times a day. For her stomack to heal, she should have several small meals of wet food, with maybe a little water mixed in to keep her stomach from having to work so hard. Sendig heal the kitty stomach her way!
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I have no advice to offer, but I hope your baby will be okay..

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Have you found anything out, i hope your luck at finding out whats wrong is better than mine right now
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thank you all for your advice and concern. Unfortunately she started vomiting blood tuesday evening and the vet and my family and i decided we had to put her to sleep. she cried everytime she vomited and it was painful. she went very peacefully.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry for your loss. At least the baby is pain free now.
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I am so sorry you lost her. I am thankful though you were aware and you helped her pass pain free and without long suffering.
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Sorry to hear the sad news. Sending hugs to you.
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It is never easy to make that decision, even if you know it's for the best. I'm sorry for your loss but glad she is pain free now.
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I am sorry to hear that you lost your precious furbaby. Making the decision to have them PTS is never easy, but at least you now know she is no longer suffering and is at peace.

RIP Little one..

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