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is it just me or are my short hair cats shedding more than my long hair cat? especially my 6 month old DSH max. is this normal?
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some shedding is normal...

what are you feeding ...?? brand and type
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nutro NC kitten dry. a variety of wet foods, nutro, wellness, not sure what else i bought to try. max seems to shed the more than the girls, he eats less dry now, he prefers the wet food. i don't notice a difference in the shedding with him eating less dry. all their coats are very soft and shiney, especially millie's.
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well Nutro is one of the few foods that garrentee less shedding... what was he on org and how long on this diet??
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he has been on since i got him two months ago. prior to that he was getting some sort of iams from the shelter.
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you may need to add some additional omega fatty acids...

i recommend nordic naturals or grizzly salmon oil... add into canned
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Minus Persians I have always felt shorthaired cats shed more than longhaired. My DSH sheds more than my 4 longhaired cats.
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I think it's a matter of perception. I always think my Shorthairs shed more than my Longhairs - maybe because it's more obvious when they do!
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