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Just Can't Get Unsick!

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I am really irritated. For some reason, I can't get UNsick. Seems like every time I go outside in the cold, I get sick again. I think I need to move back to the Southern United States, because I was rarely sick down there. I've had everything from colds, to the flu, bronchitus (sp?), and who else knows. I am supposed to be finding a job right now, and I know of one local place that you just walk into for an interview, and they pay really well, and I REALLY want to get a job there. I have been out of work for about a month now, mainly because I can't seem to get well.

I've even stopped smoking because I thought it would help--and I can't afford it. I've always eaten a healthy diet. The worst thing that I put into my body is a cup of coffee in the morning. When I go outside, I have on gloves, scarf, and at least 3 layers since it's been cold. I keep everything clean, wash my hands regularly, and my daughter follows suit. I've been to the doc, when I had a sinus infection, and I discovered that I now have an allergy to Amoxicilin, which wasn't fun because I woke up at 2 AM itching all over, and when I looked in the mirror, I was covered from head to toe with rashes and hives--which has NEVER happened to me.

I just don't know what to do. Trying to get to the doc is a HUGE PITA--it's military, and you have to call to leave a message and then they call you back, then you have to PROVE to them that you need to see a doc and prove to the NURSE (no offense to you nurses, but I don't like giving out any kind of personal info or any kind) that you have any kind of ailment, and then they make a decision if you really need to see a doc. I can't afford to go any where else right now.

I'm up poo creek without a paddle or a boat!
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Sending you some get better soon vibes!

i hope your life turns around soon!
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Sorry you feel so awful, It could be the climate. I living on Vancouver Island for a years I was sick the whole time I was there, it was so damp. I moved back up North and I was fine.
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maybe you have allergies which is causing you to cough which is developing into bronchitis. Try tavist allergy med, that helps me, nips coughs in the bud.(if they are allergy related)
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DEMAND a blood work up including immnoglobulin levels....
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Uh-oh...that can't be good sharky.
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Originally Posted by My cat Mellow View Post
Sending you some get better soon vibes!
i hope your life turns around soon!

more good vibes my friend!
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Thanks again CoolCat!

You guys are awesome on here!
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Ooo...good luck! I'm surprised that you're still sick after quitting smoking. When I did smoke I use to get strep. At one point I had strep for 6 weeks! I'd get better, finish the medicine, then it would come back. Since quitting I've never had it again.

I think also when you move someplace, to a totally different climate, that you're body requires an adjusting period. B's allergies really kicked in when we moved to Jersey. Now he has to take meds, otherwise he can't breath.

Also, I'm sure the stress of not finding a job right now isn't helping you get better. Often times when we're stressed, this can make us ill. Our body doesn't function like its suppose to.

Hope you feel better soon!
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
maybe you have allergies which is causing you to cough which is developing into bronchitis. Try tavist allergy med, that helps me, nips coughs in the bud.(if they are allergy related)
cold and damp climates often have more mold spores in the air. Also, the type of heating can drive down the humidity and your nasal passages are less able to flush out the infiltrating irritants.
Also, remember to wear layers. Even a thin, sleeveless Tshirt worn at all times can make a world of difference.
Sending {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that you are healthy again (and stay that way!) very soon
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I have been under alot of stress lately. In the last few months, I have filed for a divorce, moved me and my young daughter to our own apartment, she's started school this year, I had to find a job after not working for almost 6 years, got the job and then was laid off, now I have been searching for another job for about a month. That's just a fraction of everything that's going on--oh, and one of my cat's keeps getting sick. So, we're all sick over here.

ETA: Forgot to mention...I grew up in the Southern US. I lived for about 8 or 9 months in TX before leaving for Germany. Once I started living in Germany (which is further North than Canada), once the Fall kicked in through the winter months (it stays cold most of the year), I stayed sick. Then, we moved to Nebraska, and it's all over again. I left the warmer climate in February 2002, so this has been going on for quite awhile.
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Originally Posted by AnneRiceBowl View Post
Uh-oh...that can't be good sharky.
well it was a releif for me as for yrs allergy tests results just didnt match what the dr s could plainly see... Now I know and try to be proactive ... but I still wouldnt know if a wise allergist hadnt done the blood work
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I hope you start to feel better soon!

I'm in your boat at the moment- i can't kick my cold eithor! I thought i was rid of it finally about a week ago after being sick for 2 weeks. Now it's come back with a vengance. I can't breath out of my nose, my throat is name it! (working out in the kennels doesn't help eithor in the weather.)

All of my coworkers are currently under the weather as well. So is my nephew. I think it has a lot to do with the weather (and i live in the South- it's no better here i promise!) One day it's freezing, the next it's hot- it keeps changing back and forth Hopefully everyone will get to feeling better soon and we'll all kick our colds!

Feel better hon!
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I called the doc's office at the crack of dawn this morning, and I actually got an appointment. It's at 10:35 AM CST. I told the gal on the phone that I also needed to make an appointment for my daughter, and she said that there wasn't any slots available for today, but I could call the nurse's line and leave a message so they could call me back! HA! I told her, "No, I've been dealing with that for nearly a week." Then she told me that I could bring her to Urgent Care. I was a little irritated because someone could have told me that last week. I forget there's even an urgent care there.

So I will be going to the doc and ask for an allergy test, then I will be taking my daughter to Urgent Care after my appointment.

Last night I had a fever, and this morning I was all stopped up. When I blew my nose, it was a mix of snot and blood. Nice.

Any who, wish me luck. I'm sure the doc will get irritated with me because that's how they are on base.
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So the verdict is that I still have a sinus infection, and I was bad for not letting the doc know that I was allergic to the amoxicillin that I was originally prescribed...oopsie. So new antibiotics were prescribed. My sinus cavities were chock full of blood and inflamed.
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Oouch! Here are some vibes that it goes away soon!
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