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Hi everyone!!!

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I just wanted to stop by and say a quick hello to everyone and to wish all of you a happy holiday!!! I miss coming here and hanging out all the time and I'm so upset I missed out on the Secret Santa thing this year, but a lot has happened in the past few months leaving me no time at all for computer fun anymore

In a nutshell, I was away for 2 weeks late summer, came home and started packing up my entire house and starting repairs on it so I could move out and list the house for sale. My girls and I have moved in with my boyfriend (For those of you who followed all my "guy" stuff in the past - this is actually the same guy I've spent the better part of the past 10 years with. I've done a lot of complaining and I looked for others but I've discovered the grass is not greener and I do love him more than anything). I've moved all my stuff from my house temporarily into a storage unit until next spring when we are planning a huge tag sale because we now have my stuff, his stuff, and his grandmothers stuff (the house was hers). He and I have just begun refurbishing the house we are now living in. It's 92 years old and nothing has been done with it. We are completely refurbishing the entire house top to bottom and then selling it and building our own in the same town where his parents live. And the other news - we are now also expecting!! This will be my 3rd child and he will be a first time dad (although, it may as well be first time for me too. My girls are 13yrs and 16yrs. My oldest just got her permit and I'm starting over. Am I nuts? ).
We have had a lot on our plates the past few months as well as a lot of changes for both of us in our lives. Oh yeah! and just to make matters more stressful, I started a new job the week before Thanksgiving as well which requires me to be in the office over 40 hours a week so no more working at home. Also, just because our lives are crazy enough - we were robbed twice in 2 months! No other houses were hit, only ours and both times during the daytime while there were 2 cars in the garage so we are convinced that they either know us or were just watching us. So in addition to refurbishing we've now had to install an alarm system as well.
So, things are a little hectic around here, but we're all getting use to living with each other. Us girls (me, my kids, and 4 female cats) with a guy and him - from bachelor to 3 women and 4 female furballs in the house. We do love it though and are now just praying for a healthy baby. We aren't sure if it's a boy or girl yet, but we will find out either Dec 11 or Jan 10 (Ultrasounds both days). My due date is June 4th, 2008.
The sad thing I do have to report is that my little Mia and my Chance boy both had to be put up for adoption. Mia was only in the house a couple of months and Chance a little under a year but my cats became very disturbed over the summer and began wetting and pooping on everything in the house - my bed, the rugs, etc and I had some very very serious fights. They have never done this in all the years I've had them. I ran an experiment seperating the cats by floors to see if it was tension and find out who it was and discovered that it was Chance and Mia causing the problems. I guess my cats had just had enough of newbies in our house and they made it crystal clear that enough was enough. So I found them both wonderful homes and great parents and I've been in contact with the parents and hear they are doing wonderfully. I miss them, but don't miss the horrible tension and messes I went through. My babies are adjusting to their new house ok. He's not a big cat lover so things are a little tense between them, but I'm just giving it time and I try to spend a lot of time with them.

Anyways - sorry that's so long. I really just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone and say:
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It's good to see you Congratulations on the baby I'm sorry about the robberies and adopting the kitties out They sound like they have a good home and I hope that is comforting to you Best of luck...try not to stay away so long we want baby pics...Oh and June 3rd is a good day for a baby to be born Yup that's my bday
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Aww Congrats on becoming a mommy again. I am glad things are working out even with the few bumps in the road. Best of Luck with everything. Happy Holidays
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Congrats on the pregnancy

Hope you can check in with us now and then and let us know how things are going
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Wow! Its so great to hear from you, and all of your updates!!
Congratulations on the baby, thats so exciting!

I hope you can stop by more often when (and if!) life slows down anytime soon!
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welcome again!...and I really so sorry about the robberies and the adoption out of home too...
Feel as you home TCS my friend!
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Thanks guys! nice to see all of you too. Hopefully I'll be able to "swing" by here more often. I'll let you guys know if I find out next Tuesday (boy or girl!). I might be asking for opinions on names. I've got 14 boys and 13 girls names that I like.
Also, cause I haven't been here in a while, apparently my PM inbox was full and I needed to clean it out. A couple folks tried to send me PM's, but they couldn't get through. I've cleaned it out so hopefully we should be all set now. Sorry!
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WOW!!! Congratulations on everything Lisa!

Please stop by more often to give us updates.
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Thanks for stopping in. I'd say you have been busy!!!
As for the age differences one of my SIL has a 16 yr age difference between the youngest (now 19) and her oldest with 3 more siblings in between. My husband is the youngest in his family and I think the age difference is about that 15-16 yr range too. It seems to work out.
Have fun remodeling, the new job, the new household and the baby!!
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