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Pixie's pregnancy bump

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Here are a few recent photo's of Pixie's pregnant tummy. You can't see her developing nipples because of all of her fur (mid-length, she is) - but they are definitely there! However, it will require an assistant to get those shots. As it was, getting these was a challenge, as it was "playtime".

note how the front half and back half look like two entirely different sizes?

sorta action shot - so kinda blurry

Go ahead - just try to touch my belly!

Actually, she loves her belly rubbed. She shows off her claws and teeth when playing - but retracts them before grabbing / smacking, and has never bitten, either.

Best guess is she's about half way along in her pregnancy....5 weeks? 6 weeks? Haven't felt movement yet, which I understand occurs around week 7. I've had her 3 1/2 weeks, and she was just starting to show when she got here. But she was "underfed" to put it nicely, being a stray, and a week later she wasn't looking as obviously pregnant as she was when she first arrived.
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Awww, she is just ADORABLE!!! Her fur has such gorgeous "bloom" - you must be feeding her just right!! I am so glad that she is in a real home, under the care and protection of a very loving family - see angels (yourself) do live among us
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What a sweet girl - and how nice that you adopted her and the "kitties to be"! I can't wait to see more photos!
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Well she's been acting like she's in labor, for 24 hours??? Getting ready to call the vet....but meanwhile, some folks who helped me out during a long (mostly) sleepless nite asked for photos of belly / nipples....so here's the latest shots.

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Thanks for posting the pics! Definitely looks preggers to me! Judging from the nipple color (it's kind of hard to tell just from the pics, but from my best estimate) she's got a little longer on her -usually they will get a big more red to them right before birth- but that is not always the case, so you can't go by that alone.

She sure is beautiful!!! She's lucky to have you taking such good care of her I'm glad to hear her and the babies will be altared when they're old enough, thankyou for being soo responsible and caring for this beautiful little stray
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I can't see the pictures for some reason.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I can't see the pictures for some reason.
Don't sweat it - cause as it turns out....you're only missing the pictures of what a false pregnancy looks like.

Vet confirmed today, belly bump and nipple formation are due to false pregnancy. Turns out Pixie is actually (now) in heat, and definitely not pregnant. So, she's at the vet's for the night, to be spayed tomorrow.

Well she definitely kept me guessing for the past month!
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