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Do you make the same goodies every year?

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I am just making up my shopping list to buy all the baking stuff. I can almost write the list with out looking, I decided ,I am going to go through the cookbooks, I have and maybe make a few different goodies. because my hand is still a mess, from my failed carpul tunnel surgery, I am cheating and buying tart shells.
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Yes Mom makes the same kind of cookies every year. Except this year it's half the list. She was talking about trying a few that she hasn't made since I was born.

This year it's:
Italian wedding
Fried Bows
Choc. chip
Apriot & cream cheese thumbprints

What kind do you make?
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I make some of the same and some new every year. Actually I went through my recipes today and picked the one's for this year:

peanut butter fudge brownies
chocolate crinkles
chocolate chip shortbread cookies
linzer bars*
eggnog glazed spritz cookies (I don't use the cookie press I can never get it to work right)
carmel 'n chocolate pecan bars*
white chocolate candy cane drops*
gingerbread cookies*
sugared rum balls


Hmmm this may be too many, I normally have a ton of people to give them to but since we moved I only have one family member here.
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We make about the same every year.

Little Horns
Italian White Cookies
Thumb Prints
Peanut Butter w/hershey kiss
One who's name I can't remember, with chocolate and butterscotch chips, marshmellows, peanuts and crunchy noodles.
Honey Balls
Tea Tassies

This year we're not making them all because there just aren't enough people to eat them all. So far we are deffinately making the Italan White Cookies, Pizzels, Horns, Tea Tassies and we're going to try making Pfeffernusse. I'd like to make the ones that I can't remember a name for too. IMy MIL makes a similar one with just butterscotch and no marhsmellows and things and calls them haystacks. I've heard of Bird's Nests too but that's not what Mom calls them anyway. My Aunt makes some smilar to the Italian White Cookies but they are a chocolate/spicy flavor. I may ask her about those but I don't want to get carried away and have cookies going bad again. There will only be about 4 of us for Christmas most likely.
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i do the same thing!! usuallly make the same every year as well. I make lots of goodies, and send them off so i dont eat em all!....

Peanut butter balls - balls of crunchy peanut butter mixed with powered sugar and coated in chocolate.

Press Cookies - raspberry or strawberry flavored cookies made with a press, sort of like sugar cookies.

Sugar Cookies - speak for themselves, usually iced and decorated.

Mini Cheesecakes - little muffin sized cheesecakes, topped with either strawberry, blueberry, or cherry.
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I got a double batch of Nanimos bars made, I am going to make butter tarts, mincemeat tarts, almond shortbread, walnut squares, plain shortbread, I haven't decided what else
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Originally Posted by Abacat View Post
eggnog glazed spritz cookies (I don't use the cookie press I can never get it to work right)
Oooo, Spritz cookies are my favorite! My mom makes them every year!
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I usually make the same treats
Chocolate Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge
Home made peanut butter cups
Date balls rolled in coconut
Sugar cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
and Whoopie Pies
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I haven't made cookies in 3 years, but this year I'm at least going to make the basics...

Chocolate chip
Peanut butter
butter cream (with red and green cherries)
suger cookies
and, now that I unpacked my mom's cookie press, pressed cookies

If I get really ambitious I will try a few other traditional family receipes. Just depends on how much time I have.
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I usually do the same old same old stuff.Oreo pie, and already made pies.
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I always have the same butter-fest for Christmas:
Spritz cookies
Sugar cookies
Italian bakery cookies (the ones with red, yellow and green with chocolate on top)
Some kind of biscotti

My sister always makes
haystacks (peanut butter, chinese noodles, butterscotch chips and marshmellows)
Russian tea cookies

In all honesty, I think I make the spritz and sugar cookies so that I can decorate them
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You are all making me hungry!
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Every year I make chocolate pinwheels, my son's favorite. They pack great for shipping to him. It's the only cookie I use a ruler for. The dough is divided in half, melted chocolate added to one half. They get rolled out on wax paper and then the one is put on top of the other and rolled up. I used a ruler to get exactly a 10x12 rectangle for both, so I don't waste any dough. True mother love!

I make gingerbread men for the trees and usually one gingerbread house. Fergus, our dog, liked the last row of the popcorn/cranberry garland on the tree, so I think the gingerbread guys will not be making an appearance this year.
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