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Getting two cats, need advice

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Well, I've finally reached a point in my life where I can get my first cat. Since I've been volunteering at a nice local shelter for a few months, I really got to know all the cats there, which made making a decision on just two (lease restriction) the hardest decision I've had to make. I've decided on a pair - It's a female cat and a male kitten that's somewhere in the range of three to four months old. I originally figured I'd get either two kittens or two adults, but there's a few big reasons why things worked better for these two...

Cat #1! Lorelai! She's essentially an adult cat now, she's over a year old. We met the first day I volunteered and she's crazy friendly. I love her coat too - I've never seen a tortie that pretty. She snuggles obsessively and smiles when you pet her. But she had a catch - she loves kittens, but not older cats. She's friendly to cats that she knew as kittens. So I had thought I wouldn't be able to take her because I really wanted a pair and I wasn't sure if there would be any kittens ready by the time I'd moved to the new place.


Kitten #1! Carter!

I originally figured I'd be getting two adults. But Carter kind of adopted me over the last few months. He was upstairs with the other kittens until about two weeks ago, when he was finally ready for adoption and he came downstairs with all the other cats. At this point, he followed me *everywhere* - I'd be scrubbing out a cage and he'd be watching me, he'd follow me as I scooped litter...I really wanted to take him home right then. And that's when it hit me - I could give him and Lorelai a home together. Apparently I was very lucky to get him held, because he's gotten a lot of looks, and he almost went home once. And I really like that he's almost black - I really wanted a black cat, but the shelter's really been pushing to get the black cats adopted and fortunately for the cats, it's worked. This little guy is practically chocolate colored.

It's been a tough choice. There are so many wonderful cats at that shelter and if I didn't have to pick two, I'd have planned for more later on. I'm just glad I'll still get to see them every week until they're adopted.

Do any cat owners have any tips for putting together a pair from a cat and a kitten? The shelter I work at gives most of the cats free reign on the downstairs, so Lorelai and Carter know each other and I've seen Lorelai babying kittens there, but I know things can change when they're introduced to a home with significantly less cats!

I just want to get this all right...I'm still excited that I'm finally getting cats, especially these two. I'm still wondering about things like will I need to keep them separate, will they need separate dishes or litterboxes (Carter is sharing the downstairs litterboxes with the adults)...stuff like that.

And no, I don't declaw and they're both already fixed.
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Well, I would try them together first - don't forget they're all of a sudden going to be the only ones around, and it seems a shame to then separate them also if they'll get along. I also would have fixed feeding times (rather than free-feed) and 'stations' and when one's finished eating (most likely him - he looks just like one of my newbies!) put the dish away either for finishing up later or til next mealtime. I've always given them half and half canned and dry for meals and then dry for snax except for odd bits of meat here and there. Keep an eye out as he grows - he might eventually decide to dominate (even though she might hiss his head off), so be ready in future. A cat tree would be a great option if you can swing it. Definitely absolutely 2 boxes at least, not near their food, and pref. uncovered. Let us know how it goes!
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My goodness! What gorgeous babies!! They may be a little stressed when they come home with you, but I don't think you'll have any problems! They alredy know each other! Congratulations!!
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If they come home at the same time, things should go better. It's only when a resident cat has set up its territory that you would need to take it slowly & separate. They both may be a little frightened at 1st being in new surroundings, but having each other may make things easier on them. Good luck when they come home. They are very pretty.
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They are adorable! Congrats!

They should enjoy having more space and more time with you. If anyone seems shy, keep them in a single room. Having a bigger space that's new to them can sometimes intimidate cats.

Of course, you are there! That should help them feel at home.
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I'm so happy for you! Yay for 2 kitties getting a home.
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