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Cat(s) introduction to new home, some concerns

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I have 2 cats: Zero, Male, 7 years. Velcro, Female, 9 years.

I have decided to take a job which will move me from PA to CA. My ex was kind enough to watch my 2 kids for a while while I get settled out there. However, she has 2 cats of her own: Jack, Male, about 5 years. Coz, Male, unknown years. Zero, Velcro, and Coz are declawed (sorry!) up front. Jack is not declawed. She has 3 bedroom, 2 story house so there is plenty of room. The cats have been together for about 10 days now

I stayed with her for about 4 days so I could help everyone get accustomed to each other and make sure there was no problems. I was expecting Zero, who is of perfect temperment and very strong, to have no problems and was expecting Veclro to hide in a closet for 3 months hissing and growling at anything that moves. And I was correct for a few days, but recently am surprised at what I'm hearing from my ex (Susan).

Apparently over the past few days, Velcro has been out and about and standing her ground- hissing if anyone comes near her but putting up a good "stand" if anyone gives her any "lip". However, I'm concerned about Zero. In the beginning, while I was there, he would walk around and avoid Jack and Coz. He wouldn't necessarily run away - but keep his distance. Coz at first would do a little growling and hissing, but in the course of the 3 days he seemed to stop caring (apparently, he's on Prozac - I don't ask. ). However Jack has always had a problem with him. Very agitated, lots of growling and nervous meowing. Lately, Susan tells me that Jack has been chasing Zero into the room we designated for my cats and trapping him there and then Coz would join him. Zero would be in a corner, stuck, looking scared according to her. She concerned it will never get better and might get worse over time.

I'm really surprised that things have worked out this way. Zero was always able to manage himself around Velcro and is very athletic. I didn't expect him to be running and avoiding contact and she didn't think that Jack would be this much of a handful. I also didn't think that Velcro would be less of a problem.

Should we be worried? She told me that Zero won't come downstairs unless Jack is locked away and she's afraid she'll have to do this all the time. Is there something we can do? Or is just a matter of time?

While I was there I didn't hear any fighting at all and didn't even witness any altercations. She hasn't mentioned that any would happen - but just that Jack would scare off Zero all the time into that room.

Thanks for listening! I appreciate it!


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Sometimes Feliway can help cats with transitions to new places. I know a few people who have used it to good effect.
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