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What is up with this COUGH?

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I caught Tom today having what appeared to be a cough spell. It wasn't loud...and it wasn't like a typical cough you or I would had....but rather...he was close to the floor...and just made somewhat-forceful/quiet noise maybe 10 times or so with a second in between each. SOOOO WEIRD. I hesitate to call it a cough because of how it sounded and the fact it wasn't as forceful or anything like humans' are, but that is the only thing I can call it!!

He has no other symptoms of anything I can see! Nothing for URI..no runny eyes....nose....nothing like that. I am actually a little freaked about this. I remember when a stray a while ago was doing this (but it was a little more obvious and louder, but same thing, pretty much) and that cat ended up dying.

When we adopted Tom, he came back negative on feline leukemia and the whole nine yards of what they do when you adopt. He doesn't go outside at all and is very well behaved and laid back (doesn't get into things, etc).

We do have a buddy for him...that is Lucy. She has claws (Tom was already declawed) and I have noticed that he has some marks under his chin that look like sores. I chalked it up to them playing (they are like best friends and are always wrestling around), but I don't know for sure..and now I am pretty concerned because of the entire picture.

Lucy does not go outside, either.

UGH. Is this a bad sign or could it really be something simple?
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Could be trying to hack up a hairball or could be he got some dust up his nose or something. He might also be coming down with something. Keep an eye on him and if it gets worse, take him to the vet.

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sounds like maybe a hairball. my cats make the weirdest noise when they cough one up and are low to the ground when they do it.
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