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Help needed: Lump in throat

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This weekend, my five year old developed a lump on one side of her throat, approximately a 1/2 inch in diameter. She doesn't have an external wound and it doesn't seem to hurt her when it is touched. It developed in less than a day, but has not shrunk since yesterday. She is eating fine and has plenty of energy, though is generally less spunky than usual.

I plan to take her to the vet this week, but I was wondering if anyone else has ever seen this in their cat. Does anyone have any suggestions on what it might be? I had originally thought it might be an allergic reaction to a bug bite, but it has not shrunk. She is an indoor only kitty.

Thanks in advance!
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It's good that you are taking her in to the vet! It could be one of many abcess, a swollen lymph node from an ear infection or an infected tooth, an allergic reaction, etc. Here's some healing, healthy that it's nothing too serious! Keep us updated!
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If it's right below the jaw then it is a lymph node. I've often felt them swollen in cats with URIs. Vet visit soon, especially with a multicat household to rule out anything contagious.
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Update: I took Tattoo to the vet today. The doc was a little concerned because of the size of the mass and how hard it is. She didn't want to biopsy because of how fussy Tattoo was being and since she hadn't fasted so she couldn't sedate her. She prescribed antibiotics in case it was a swollen lymph node, but told me to call on Monday if it hadn't gotten any better.

The vet said she thought the chances were rather low for it to be a tumor because of how fast it appeared and because of Tattoo's age. However, she couldn't rule it out and recommended face X-rays if it didn't get better as a result of the antibiotics.

I'm a little worried for my baby, but I'm hopeful. Thanks for the help.
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Update: Tattoo is doing much better and the lump has disappeared. The antibiotics did the trick!
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I'm glad it wasn't anything serious.
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Thats wonderfull news!!
BTW love the kitty name TATTOO!! haha
You just gotta put a pic of him up!
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Wonderful news! So glad the antibiotics worked Its so scary when we can't tell what is the matter with them.
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