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My 1 year old is sick ,please give some input

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My beloved kitty Rudy is sick and is now at the vets getting some testing but I am prepairing for the worst.He started vomiting almost 1 month ago on and off. It had a duration of usally 1 time per week but went as long as 10 days apart between episodes. However it happen the past couple days as as 2 days apart so i took him to the vet on Saturday. The vet tested for worms, stool was negative .He had been having regular bowl movements and passing urine as normal all along. The vet examined him and said as far as the exam nothing was coming up. The vet however put him on a dose of dontral saying if it by slim chance was a parasite it would take care of it. I gave it to him yesterday, he slept most of the day ate very little but did eat some and drank water. He got up a few times and plyed but still was tired shortly after. Up to this point when the vomiting started a few weeks ago no other symptoms were present. Thinking he may be fine today i was shocked to see he had vomited what little food he ate last evening back up ,also there was a loose bowl movement in his litter box. I took him back to the vet for blood work . He was playing a little this morning but didnt care to eat, again this is not him before thats all he wanted was to eat! I am very fearful because it seems I am on a string of bad luck and although I am praying its something minor I am worried sick about this little friend of mine .He had no fever or nothing the last visit. I am thinking a blockage or partial blockage because he is known to eat things he should not.Or perhaps cancer. I just tend to think the worst. Please pray for Rudy
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My goodness, I am sorry to hear about your little guy! Here are some healing vibes coming to him from New Hampshire... Please keep us posted!
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Prayers and healing being sent for Rudy!
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My girl used to throw up habitually until I figured out she can't tolerate anything fishy (except a wee bit of tuna now and then). No fish flavored canned or dry food, no fish flavored treats, no fish flavored medicine. So, it could be something as easy to fix as my girl's problem.

One other thing, the loose stool could've been caused by the medicine the vet gave you.

Keep us posted!!

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Get better Rudy
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Sending lots of get well soon vibes for Rudy!
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Oooooh poor Rudy..I am sorry I have no input...but I will send many prayers and vibes for the little mite
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Has the vet done bloodwork, or an x-ray (since you mentioned a possible blockage)? Have you tried changing his food? Sometimes an allergy can show up seemingly out of the blue, even though they've been eating the same food without problems until that point.
Sending prayers and vibes for Rudy.
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He had his bloodwork today and it was all good nothing abnormal, he had x-rays and the vet saw what she called as gas in the intestines, she then did the barium test to see if there was a blockage present and the test went well the barium went where it was supposed to. So the vets feels it was his food that caused all of this as well as the vomiting. She put him on a special diest of precription hypoallergenic food. I brought him home and he threw up the barium left in him and had a bowl movement as well. I did feed him a little bit , i am just praying he keeps it down its been about 3 hrs and so far he did He is very tired, the poor little guy went threw sooooooo much today.I think the poor little guy has a sore spot on his mouth from them opening and shoving shringes in when giving him the barium today. Keep the prayers coming that he will be back to being that playful happy kitty that he is.
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Ask them if they ran a kidney panel. My Sassy-pants was only throwing up and it turned out to be a severe kidney infection but never showed up in the urinalysis.
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I don't know if this will help or not. This summer one of my 7 year olds starting vomiting repeatedly. Since he is a medium haired kitty, I thought at first hairballs.

The vomiting followed the same pattern as is occurring for your kitty. I decided to weigh Pumpkin and he had lost 2 1/2 pounds. I of course immediately freaked out. He got to the vet and the vet was alarmed at his weight loss as well.

He stayed overnight on fluids, he had x-rays, no blockage. Vet also did the barium study and found a mildly enlarge esophogus that we need to watch for development of mega esophogus. Other than that everything checked out find.

We decided to put him on carafate (sulcralfate compounded at the human pharmacy). I can't remember just why the vet wanted to try this, but this vet is really progressive and up on all the latest research. This is one of the reasons we drive 2 hours one way to see this vet.

Anyway, it was a 1gm/10ml suspension and I gave him 2ml daily for about a week. The vomiting stopped and hasn't started up since. He just got his teeth cleaned and was proclaimed " the picture of what a healthy cat should look like".

I just wanted to put this out there as something to ask your vet about. I have no idea if it would help or not, but it sure helped my kitty.
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I'm more confused than ever, he is still ill ,just sleeping he threw up sometime during the night, had to have been several hours after I fed him because I was up until 11 30 with him, he a very little this morn. But is doing nothing but sleeping now, its obvious he is sick. I made an appointment with his origional vet for later today. The place he was seen yesterday was not his normal vet because they were out and the refering vet from that office was to far away so I took it on my own. Any pray that we find the problem and sed vibes again for Rudy.I dont get it blood test good, x-rays after barium say no blockages . organ function great, what could it be????
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I take it he doesn't eat any houseplants? I know mine do, although it never seems to do them any harm. Just an idea I hope you find your answer x
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I have no idea what could be wrong w/ your furbaby and have no advice to give, but I hope your vet can figure it out and your baby will be all right.

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I took him to his regular vet, the last report last night was more x rays of the stomach shows what she called distension, but appears to be empty. She said she never saw distension like this before in a cats stomach that had nothing in it. She said it could be enflamed from something that was in but passed it ,it didnt appear to be hair in it though and that was what i was hoping for. And then as the next possibility what I dreaded to hear but knew it was coming a form of cancer although rare in a cat as young as him. I just dont know anymore. I am praying it isnt but I am prepairing myself for the worse. I will not put an animal thru chemo my mind is mde up on that and I will not allow him to suffer . Has anyone ever heard of a young cats stomach being this large but empty and not cancer?
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Was it possibly gas in the tummy? My kitty gets this from time to time and will throw up anything she eats until the vet gives her something to settle her tummy.
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I hate to say the "F" word (FIP, that is), but I think a bloated tummy is one of the symptoms of the wet form of FIP. Has your vet considered that??

I'm sorry to hear that your poor guy isn't doing better. I'll keep sending more good vibes your way..

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I talked to the vet, there was some improvement his stomach distension has decreased somewhat in the last x ray. he is fully alert and pawing at the lock and burried his food, he had a good bowel movement, no vomiting since I took him in .She said he passed alot of gas. She said there is still some barium from his test at the other vet showing in the intestines and maybe something else such as hair. She still is not sure what the cause is, she mentioned illius. They are going to keep giving him iv fluids and hairball medication. Keep praying for this little guy so he can celebrate Christmas .
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Sounds like he is making some improvements. An illius is painful, my sister had one post abdominal surgery. Unfortunately for her it turned into a stricture that had to be surgically removed.

It sounds like your little guy is resolving, which is the norm. for continued recovery!
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Talked to the vets office this morning, he is eating again!
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YEAH!!!!!! Keep getting better sweet boy!
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I've had a cat with a blockage, and it doesn't sound like that. I've also had a cat with FIP, and they almost always have a high fever. Can you do an elimination diet and try and see if there's something he's sensitive to? (I am assuming you don't give him cow's milk...that can cause those symptoms too.)

Also, canned pumpkin (unspiced) is good for both diarrhea and constipation. What food is he on now?
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Not sure what he is on at his vets but but prior to all this he ate Fancy Feast wet usally mixed with very litte Pro Plan dry for kittens.Now and then he had 9 lives dry essentials. He does not drink milk and thru this ordeal he never did have a fever. Also for a previous post we have no house plants.
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I'm not sure about how to go about an elimination diet, but I would tend that way. For example, boil chicken, and he gets only that and see how he does on that, etc.
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I am sure he will be on a special food prescribed by the vet.
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He was sent home yesterday, no special food however with his evening meal I am to add a powder that encourages his intestines to work better. He stayed at my moms yesterday since my wife and i both work my mother picked him up. I brought him home this morning. Seems to be doing great, eating playing and going to the llitter box and getting caught up on his rest. The poor thing was thru so much this week. Thanks for your prayers and that God for his part in this too.
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Great news!
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Oh Im glad he's getting better! Sounds like you're doing a great job with your little dude!!!
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YAY! Welcome home, little guy!

I'm glad to hear he's doing better!

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