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How do they know????

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I can open anything on the can opener and the cats could care less. But if I want to open a can of tuna they are all there almost instantly, way before they can smell it from across the house. Sometimes they are there before I start to open the can?? How do they know???

They must know my body language that I am going to give them a treat or can read my mind or something.
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Cats do have excellent sense of smell. But they also can see good to maybe they know the exact look of the can.
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They have a special part of their brain that can detect the sound of their can food being opened.

Really though, most of the time -in the case of pull tab open cans, they just get used to the sound and respond to it.
DH can open any type of can like that, even oysters, and the cats think it's theirs. Acting sneaky doesn't help either, it just makes the cats suspect you're up to something.
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Originally Posted by Tom W View Post
can read my mind or something.
Animals communicate in ways we may never comprehend or equal. Your cats probably do read your mind.
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My old house had about 20 magnetic latches for the cupboards; yet the cats would appear only when I opened THE cabinet that held their treats.

They could distinguish that sound from all others.

Their sense of smell is 14 times more sensitive than ours, their visual acuity and hearing is better, and they can read the tiniest body language signals.

With superpowers like that, maybe they don't have to read our minds.
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Yep, same thing happens here. Open a can of corn ... nothing happens. Even THINK about opening a can of cat food and I suddenly become very popular They are magical, mystical creatures
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Aren't they amazing creatures?? My girls are the same way. They know if I'm fixing my daughter a snack or one for myself! I don't see them if it's for my daughter, but they come running if it's for me!
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I wonder why my cats get all excited about me opening cans since: 1) Last time they had canned food was something like four years ago. 2) They never liked canned food.
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I could understand them running to me after I had the tuna open and they had a chance to smell it, but most times they are there before I ever have the can in the can opener. I can dig a can of backed beans or soup out of the same cupboard and open it and most times they could care less. They must be smart enough to know the difference in sound from digging out a tuna can compared to a big soup can. It still amazes me sometimes how smart they are.
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I know what you mean. Somehow mine know when I pick up the can of tuna. Friday does anyway. He'll wake up and come in the kitchen. No can opener necessary.
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My cat knows when I'm opening a can of dog food versus his wet food... It's very entertaining.
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My cat tells me when to feed her!
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