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Links and Lexi

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I haven't posted pictures on here of my two since I first got Lexi, so here are a few.

Having cuddles with mummy.

My Links all growing up!!

Links's tail is getting so fluffy now. Ithink he's goin gto be very much like Russian Blue's cat Steve.
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Awww, what a cute pic of them together in your lap!! Links sure is handsome boy
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They are adorable!!
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Links looks like a cross between my JC (fluffy) and Dax (color)! Lexi is off-the-scale cute: it looks like the angels gave her a highlighting job with peach tint (so she can match brother Links, right ) and then accessorized with those too-cute mittens Thanks for sharing
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Awww, aren't they precious!

Look at that fluffy tail!
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Awwwww look at the two of them!! You could be right about his fluffy tail
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Thanks guys, Links is growing up so fast, I can't believe it. Lexi is just so cute, she tolerates anything. I'm so glad I got her.
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Link and Lexi are adorable
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They are so cute! You must post more of Lexie.
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How cute. They seem to be getting along really well.
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They are both soooo irresistible! Links has grown up to be a very handsome boy :
Can't wait to see more photos of your cute cats
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Beautiful cats!

I really like Links tail..
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