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Daily Thread Monday Dec 3rd!

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Well good morning..lovely seeing you guys this morning

Its Monday..and its my early day. It is so windy outside I am dreading even giong out there. We have a storm warning and I hate snow

But, on the upside, I get to leave work at 3:30...I love Mondays for that

Headed to the gym after work and not much other than that..

Oh, my sister got a puppy yesterday Yes, the same sister who can't afford her bills, is in serious debt, AND has a history of "leaving pets on a ccountry road when she gets sick of them"...
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Oh, my sister got a puppy yesterday Yes, the same sister who can't afford her bills, is in serious debt, AND has a history of "leaving pets on a ccountry road when she gets sick of them"...
Oh Nat that's awful

It's a cold frosty day today, and i came down stairs this morning to see that jack had chewed off more berries on the garland, as well as pulling two of their stockings down What a little horror he is, but he's so sweet with it
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EEW I would give anything for frost today!! I hate the stuff, but it would have been better than trailing out to the vets in the pouring rain.

On the bright side, (after the usual hassle of trying to get them IN - )the cats travelled well (for once) no peeing in their transport boxes - or anything else, for that matter - and they were as good as gold! I was worried that Bootie was overweight, but apparently not considering she's a maine coon/norwegian forest mix. She really IS big boned! Their eyes are bright and clear, no snot, no mites or fleas or worms or any other little creepy-crawlies, fur that "shines like the sun" according to Tom (our vet) and teeth like he's never seen before! Not a single sign of plaque or decay - and very white and shiny. That's because they need to keep those "PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAASE?" smiles nice for all the begging they do.

none of the that I thought I was going to get at least! Apparently my beloved and I raise very very good kitties

The girls aren't talking to me just yet now that we're home again, but they've got wet food now.... give them 5 minutes and I'm sure they might *just* forgive me.
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Ugh. Winter Today was our first real winter weather. Ugh always on a Monday...snow on Saturday or Sunday afternoon =pretty. Snow on Sunday night/Monday morning = pain in the butt.

Had to chip the car out of a block of ice this morning. It's supposed to snow all day...getting home should be fun.
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Good morning,

Been up all night playing world of warcraft, and hellgate lol when i should have been cleaning.

so i guess i sweep the floors and go to bed, the sun is coming up :P

And nat, i kinda feel the same, my sister tends to have more animals die then any person i know i hate it when she gets a new dog or cat,,
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We have big snow storm. All the schools are closed.
So why do I have to go to work?? It's not fair! I want a day off!

And I woke up late again this morning. I set the alarm wrong last night so it didn't work. I'd better go get ready.
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I have to say I am quite happy today. I've got no work this week and I start cat sitting Lola today at my house. I'm so excited. I'm not going anywhere, I'm just going to sit in all day and play with the kitties, (and my son of course )

The wind was really bad last night. Had a hailstone storm too. I went out into the front garden this morning and had to pick up my planters that had been tipped by the wind.
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Just got up at 9:00 was up late last night. Woke up to heavy snow and its supposed to continue all day and through the night! We must have half a foot all ready and the wind is picking up.. First snow of the year. I love it!
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Morning All!

Still Snowing here, windy and very
Heading off to work in a bit. Looks like I am walking again today as the streets are a total mess. With all the snow we've had they are having time getting it all cleaned up.

Am hoping for a short day today. Am feeling a bit under the weather. So hopefully I can get out early enough to come home for a nap.

The kitties are good, all piled together in my recliner in a big ball snoozing. They sure know how to relax and keep warm...

Everyone have a good one!
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she does that! That's how I got Stuart, someone dumped him! Tell her she can a least have a tiny heart and take the poor thing to the shelter

It's cold here, and still icy. School actually delayed today! I was SOOOOOO glad because with the internet coming in and out I didn't get all of my homework done for class. So now I have only one class left today. One whole hour of school! Horay! Then I'm going to go home and decorate outside for Christmas!
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Morning! I was up around 7:30 waiting for the window people. They called aroun 8:45 to cancel. It's too windy for them to install. I want to decorate so bad.

Mom's off this week. She is starting her baking but we need to know when they are coming for the window to start. She only doing a dozen kinds this year. She is doing 100 of each of the Italian cookies. Apparently that's cutting back.
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Cold, windy but sunny today. Hopefully better than yesterday.

Neil went out to snowblow sunday morning( he did partial to get car in garage Sat nite) and though it started there were problems-some metal part sheared off!! So he went to a friends house to borrow his snowblower as shoveling our driveway is not a practical option.
So I shovels the walkways-heavy wet stuff and I really did a number on elbow and whole left upper body!! I was not even using a snow shovel but a garden one.

So I dropped snowblower off this morning so it hopefully can get repaired rather quickly and back to us. Did some housekeeping stuff and my last invoices for the year.

Debating on whether or not to take 1/2 vicodan or not.....what if the snowblower is fixed and I can get this afternoon?????
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Brrrrr, a bit of a Nor'easter here in NH! I am at work and think I will head home in about an hour - I hate driving on icey roads after dark, plus I need to get a bigger box to send out my SS presents - and I think that is a great reason to leave work early!
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Cold, snowy and icy here. Wish I was in bed and not at work.

I was off all last week sick, so I am trying to make up time at work. Won't be on much but I will at least try to check in a few times this week.
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