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Whew - second hand smoke!

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We went and saw John Butler Trio tonight - an awesome Aussie band. I believe they're considered "bluegrass". If you want to hear them, here's my favourite song of theirs, Zebra. And here's a fabulous rendition of Funky Tonight they did with Keith Urban at the Australia Aria Awards.

Anyway, they're a bit "anti-establishment", and get very involved in supporting the environment, as well as peace, love and respect. He's known as the "million dollar hippie". So everyone at the concert was kinda similar, and in a city like San Francisco, that means that everyone smokes weed.

So the guy to my right was smoking up regularly, and the guy to our left also had a pipe he was smoking. My husband and I are very anti smoking and anti drugs so were a little surprised to see such open use of it!

We noticed all through the venue you'd see lighters lighting up all sorts of marijuana paraphernalia. Lucky the smokers around us didn't do it for too long!

Apart from that, it was a fabulous evening!
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It's funny you posted that as I had a very similar experience this weekend. In Ireland smoking in places of work has been against the law for the past 3 years. We were in Geneva at the weekend and we were in a couple of bars; the smoke was disgusting! My hair and clothes stank that night and smelled even worse the next morning.

We also happened to come across a teenager hangout for smoking joints; it was pretty open. I'm surprised they get away with it. It's a cool city otherwise though.
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I suppose it's a little more free in the U.S Sarah. I do hope that John and his wife don't smoke, he's got a little bub to think about. I do love "better than'. Mum bought Grand National a few weeks ago so we've been listening to it alot around the house. DId you know the whole album cover is made from recycled paper?
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