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Any substitute for Fromm?

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My cats eat exclusively the canned cat food of Fromm, which proivdes human grade meats in chunks or shredds without being grounded up into a paste. Unfortunately, Fromm is very unreliable in that their products are often out of stock. Is there any other brand of cat food that offer a similar product - i.e., chunks of human grade meat rather than a processed paste? I really need to look for a good option as I am currently unable to find any Fromm on the selves.
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The only other food I know of in shreds is Friskies Shredded flavors. My cats didn't like Fromm when we tried it, they still prefer the Friskies shreds.
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I think Merricks have food with chunks and shreds without being a paste or low quality
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I am not sure how reliable the fact that it is made from "human grade meats" is. After all the trouble with products from China please feed this to your fur babies with caution.

My cats love the new Wellness pouches along with home cooked meat.

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wellness- pouches
nutro- pouches and small cans
meow mix
by nature -pouches
dr foster and smith
all have some chinks in gravey...

FYI according to AFFCO there is no human grade
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