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I have a suggestion about Anne's Forum Rules which are posted in another thread here. We read these rules when we register, and after that we don't see them again. I was just wondering if it would be helpful to post these rules again in the lounge where they could be reviewed by members if necessary?????
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Lorie...I guess great minds think a like! I was just thinking that from yesterdays event. I think it would be a great reminder for everyone...plus not alot of people really read the rules and regulations even though it's required. I guess it's easy to scan through it and just click the button to move on. Just my opinion though...
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I am the first to agree.....I did not read the rules completely. I gave it a quick scan and that was it. But so far....I think I'm behaving as per the rules *gulp* I hope......
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I did that too...actually I don't even remember seeing the rules and etc. I'm sure we are not alone when it comes to this.

I hope that I'm following the rules...I really try to be good!
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This is actually on the list next to be done. The rules were recently re-written and will soon be available to all members. And thank you both for being good. (just my weird sense of humor, pay me no mind)
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A prominent link to our updated rules is not available from each and every page

Thank you for suggesting this - I do hope this helps.
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I sure can see it now, what a good idea!
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