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Little A..needs you..

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To send as many vibes as you possibly can. I got home tonight from KS,and he was bad. Dehydrated and yelowed at me when i took him out to look him over.

We rushed him to the ER vet,his heart was normal, his gums yellow, blood test showed some highwhite blood cell and a couple of other things.

They wanted to keep him over night and than have us takeh im to the regular vet in the morning. We just could not afford that (over $800). What we ended up paying wiped us out completely (over $400)..(after the big surgey with Caesar..all Er funds are gone too)...

So hes been given something to settle his tummy from the Vomiting, and Sub q fluids. We will be going to the regular Vet FIRST THING in the morning. He has perked up a little bit, hes purring up a storm but of course he doesnt feel good.

My little A could really really use some major vibes.

So could his parents who are about to have nervous break downs..here.
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Keep us updated!!!
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thanks hes resting comfortably right now. Purring up a storm. He started flicking his tail back and forth when I pet him just now. thats one of his things.....this is just so hard.
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Vibes for Little A!
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Sending many for little A
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Sending vibes for your little cutie pie.
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Oh no! I'm praying for him!
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from me and the boys too!
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Oh, no, I hope that you will be reporting some good news - but here are some healing vibes straight away.....
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for Little A
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Lots of for Little A and for his parents.
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thanks everyone. Well as of this morning we went to our usual clinic. He will be spending two nights there. Hes going to be getting lots and lots of fluids. hes going to get a urnalysis and if they doesnt say anything he will get xrays as well.

The good thing is while being examed he did pee on the vet, ok so not that he peed on the vet but he did pee. which is something we had been worried about. So thats good. Heart rate was normal, temp was high side of normal, Heart sounded good.
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just spoke with the vet, hes on his catheder, and fluids and resting comfortable
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for Little A.
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keep them vibes coming and they seem to be working.

Urnalysis came back pretty good. High concenctrations of urine..ect no infection

The vet is now thinking, he just got very very dehydrated after vomitting. Everything thus far is pointing to it. the bloodwork was pretty normal, ect.

So hopefully by morning he shows marked improvement hes on his fluids and taking them like a champ.
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just caled to check on my little man, and they said he was doing good. But the gal at the front also said the Vet wanted to speak with me but was in with an appointment. Lets hope that the vet wishing to speak with me is GOOD news.
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Well, I'm glad to hear its good news so far! More for Little A coming your way!
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trying not to panic, she hasnt called me back yet, lol
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for Little A and you
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Anything new?
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Good vibes for good news!!!!
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I just got back a little bit ago from the vet and seeing him. He looks 100 times better! He was mewing and purring and walking around and moving around.and just being a great little boy. He has started eating a little bit again. I encouraged him to eat more while i was there he did eat half a can of food. His eyes are bright and hes more himself!

He does have a slight fever, and very watery Stool. But the vet thinks thats because of the stress of this ordeal.

They are going to call me later he might be able to come home tonight
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That's great news! Hope he comes home soon!
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I hope so too. It was so sad when I had to go home he curled into my arms like "NOOOOOOOO MOMMMMYYYYYY"
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Get well quick vibes for little A Hope he's doing better
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Thanks. I am hopeing the vet will call me soon and maybe he can come home
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Many vibes & blessings coming your way!

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I'm so glad to hear he's feeling better! I hope he comes home soon!
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well he coudlnt come home tonight. He has a slight temp still but hes doing much much better
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