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Shipping homemade cookies overseas?

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Has anyone ever tried shipping homemade cookies (or other food) by mail? I'd like to send some cookies to some friends who are living in Taiwan. Unfortunately, I can't afford to send them faster than 6-10 days. Is there a way of making sure the cookies stay fresh (or relatively fresh) that long?
Would sealing them in an airless bag help?

These cookies don't have any eggs / dairy in them, so I don't think they'll go bad. I'm just worried about them becoming hard and stale.
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I have no idea I wanted to make some for my SS to mail out with the package- but i was afraid they would spoil as well. Maybe someone who's mailed out goodies will come along and give us a few tips!
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I tried to mail some homemade cookies to Denmark once. Found out it was going to cost me an arm and a leg to mail them because of the weight.

Some countries have a ban on food items, so I would look into that before you go to the trouble of making them and mailing them only to have them confiscated.
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No, in a lot of countries, they open the box and remove the fresh contents.

Maybe you can make a Jar with the ingredients and give them directions how to make it?

Unless its express delivery, then i would never send food items unless its packaged and from the shops
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Make sure they are low fat, i'm trying to be good
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I'll have to see if it's allowed at all.

Originally Posted by fwan View Post

Maybe you can make a Jar with the ingredients and give them directions how to make it?
Unfortunately, that wouldn't really work. I want to send my friend some peanut butter cookies, made just like his grandma used to. I'm pretty sure he hasn't had any since moving to Taiwan because apparently he can't find peanut butter there. Also, apartments over there typically come with a stove, but not with an oven. Makes it hard to do any baking.
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Make sure they are low fat, i'm trying to be good

They're not. You should stay away from them if you want to be good.
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I will pm you my adress and you can send me a couple to start with. If all goes well you can send me some more on a regular basis.Mmmm!! Cookies!!!
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Did you say cookies??????? .....
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Mmmmm!! Cookies!! Now who was it that use to say that?
Thats it!! That big bear on the Andy Williams show.
Do you have a cookie Mr Williams?
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Probably you should just ship them to London..its way easier and quicker
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the way we have done, is get a tin, wrap them up,
i just sent 2 dozen butter cookies to itta brother in indo with DHL took a week, they got there fine all 2 dozen still there

but the cost was like 130 dollars

normally the rule is for fruit and stuff like that.
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I've sent home-baked goodies to Soldiers in Iraq and they made it just fine, at least that what the Soldiers said. I wrapped them REALLY well in plastic wrap, vacuum sealed them and put them in a plastic container. I know the military post office can be rough on the boxes so I also put a lot of packing materials around the plastic box. It took them 10-12 days to get there to give you an idea of the time frame.
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