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I wanna brag on my nephew too!

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A few others have been posting pics of their nieces and nephews lately and I got to see my littlest nephew today. He's my step-sister's little guy and the only nephew on my side of the family (no nieces either), so I get excited to see him. The last time I saw him he was 6 weeks old, he's now about 7 months! So here's my lil nephew!

Saying "Hi!"

I call this one "Your WEIRD uncle Adrian!"

Check out that crazy hair!

Getting kisses from Grandpa:

Lil Doggy hat is too cute!

I stole this pic from my sis (with permission). My BIL has been at sea for a bit now, but he recognizes Daddy's voice over the phone and he likes this picture. I think it's just the sweetest thing and it makes me wanna get all teary!

You'll notice there are no pics of me with him this time. DH took 2 for me, but he's not yet learned the fine art of taking a baby's picture, so they look awful with me trying to smile and get the baby to look at the camera! Oh and to explain the background in the first pics, that room is now my step-brother's, but was once mine...hence the one purple wall and the rest of it!
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Awwww... he's adorable! He has such big and pretty eyes.
And that doggy hat is just gorgeous!!
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Oh he is adorable, what a little cutie
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He is adorable!!!
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He's gorgeous
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aww what a cutie
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He is very cute
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awww he is just darling!!!
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Thanks guys!

I do love that lil squirt! I'm having a hard time deciding on a good toy for Christmas for him though!
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OMG he's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awwww! Look at those big eyes!
I love his hat & that last photo is seriously the most precious thing-ever!
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He's a doll!
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