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He learned to take his collar off!

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Tiny wears a breakaway collar with an ID tag. He hates it, but I'm way too cautious about him getting out the door to let him go around without ID. Cat-killing neighbors and bad traffic tends to make you very paranoid about getting Kitty back ASAP if he ever darts out.

Three days ago, I found the collar lying on the floor. Hmm, he must've got caught on something, I thought. Put the collar back on the cat.

Two days ago, the collar was on the floor again. Is the latch wearing out? It wasn't. Hmm. Collar back on.

Yesterday, the collar was on the floor three times.

Inevitable conclusion: Tiny is too smart for his own good.

OK, Tiny, you win. But you can only blame yourself when you find out I'm scheduling a microchip for you.
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my damian who goes outside will not wear a collar, no matter how many times we put one on him, he came home without one. we eventually decided that it was just safer to not put one on him. all our new kitties could care less about wearing a collar.
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Bella kept getting her collar off (even hid it in the litter box and under the radiator)...I had to make it just a little bit tighter (I can still get a finger under it easily, so it's not choking her). She was getting her paw up under it and popping it off She's just too darn smart.
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Both Brownie and Butzie lost the collars when they were outside but neither minded them nor took them off for fun. You can give a cat a collar, but you can't make him wear it. Anyway, Butzie got the chip before she left the shelter and it gave me a bit more of a comfort feeling knowing that she can be identified with it.
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hey callista that was good.give tiny a warm tapping for her bravery.she deserves that.in our country there is no collar like that for the cats ID.its a good idea of not getting our pets killed.he its a common news of killing cats by traffic and all.
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