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Peeing outside the box again!!!!

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Here's the deal. I have two cats. One is male and one female both are altered. The female is new to the house since about a month ago. My male cat Morty tortures Peyton. We have two litter boxes one with a hood one without, they are both located inside the bottom of our linen closet at the end of the hallway. Now Morty traps Peyton in the hallway when she uses the litter box so he can jump on her when she is ready to leave the litter box. He chases and scares her. I have noticed the past week that she had peed on a garbage bag in the kitchen. Being that we just moved I was working on unpacking some other garbage bags we had with things todayand I noticed that she has been peeing on these bags in the corner of our living room. She seems to be peeing in the same spot outside of the box. I don't think she is ill but I can't really afford to take her to the vet right now. Do you think that she is doing this because the other cat is harassing her? Should I just out a littler box where she is peeing? Help please? I love my kitties. She is eating and drinking like normal and she is acting the same as normal.
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It's possible that she's just peeing there to avoid a confrontation with your other cat. It might be best to add two more boxes (if you have room for them) instead of just one more.

If the peeing continues, definitely have a vet check to make sure there are no other problems.

Also - do you best to pick up anything that might be attractive to her for peeing on.
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Sounds like it to me. Was she going in the litterbox before he started torturing her? You may want to put a litterbox in the corner of the living room where she is peeing, that may help. You may also try some cat attract to the litter. I hear that works pretty well. Maybe she is still adjusting to the new home. Until she gets settled, get yourself some Nature's Miracle cleaner to remove any cat pee smell. Works wonders.

Also, if this is new behavior she may have a urinary tract infection (UTI). Do you notice any blood in the urine? A UTI is a real possibility but to me sounds like she is just being harassed too much and only goes where she feels comfortable going.

Also, what kind of litter are you using?
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I didn't notice any blood in the urine. We use the clumpy kind of litter. I moved one of the boxes to where she has been peeing. It's the hooded one, so hopefully she will feel safer in it. Morty likes to hang in the bathroom when I shower in the morning so I will lock him in so she can potty in peace. He is so bad. Luckily we have all wood floors so the clean up is easier then with carpet. I thought it was strange that she was peeing on the plastic bags though. I thought that they liked to pee on absorbant things like your favorite blanket, or shirt, stuffed animal sentimental things that can't be replaced. Ha HA. Ayyway I hope that this works. In the meantime, when I am home I put Morty in time out when he harasses her. I mean she grawls when she just sees him when he is not even paying her any mind. And tha only draws his attention.
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The top pic is Morty (Mordecai) and th ebottom is Peyton.
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Can you find a place to separate the litter pans - perhaps one in a room, the other further away in another room?

As soon as you can, I'd have her checked by a vet to be sure there is no UTI. Peeing outside the litter box can be a sign or they will do it cause of being harassed.
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I really think that it is because Morty harrasses her. THe minute he hers her scratching around in the box he is pacing back and forth in the hallway blocking her ready to pounce. Then you hear the running and screaming and Morty gets put in time out with a wet head, (from the spray bottle). I know some people disapprove of the spray bottle, but its the only way to distract him without getting bit or scratched if you grab him and he immediately runs into the bedroom for time out. He knows when he is bad. Cause when he sees you with the bottle he runs. Most of the time we don't even have to spray him. It really quite funny.
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Morty's in time out. and what is really funny is he is meowing on the other side of the bedroom door and Peyton wants to go in to be with him. I don't get it.
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Baby had her only accident because Tiny was scaring her or blocking her off from a box by sitting in a doorway.

My suggestion: Get three boxes. Put each one in a different location. That way, she will always be able to find her way to a box--he can't block off all three at the same time.
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Just to let everyone know. Moving the box has seemed to clear up the situation. She is now going in her litter box and is no longer peeing outside the box. Morty still tries to get her but we are watching closely and actually trying to socialize them more together. Morty goes where we are so I have been spending more time where Peyton hangs out and Morty follows and this is helping them get used to each other and we keep an eye to make sure they play nice. This seems to be working as they are able to share space better without fighting. But we'll see what the New Year brings.
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