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Radiation treatment for my cat - need advice

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After many costly tests, last Friday I learned my 13-year old cat, "Baby", had a meningioma tumor in the tissue of the lining of her brain. The previous evening she had been acting really strange.....circling around the house, hugging the walls, eyes dialated, didn't seem to remember how to do things....like eat, or use the litter box. We took her to an emergency vet clinic and our odyssey began. She spent the night there, then the next day after the clinic had exhausted all the tests they could do they sent us to a vetenary neurologist. She did more tests of her own, then sent us on to have an MRI done. This is the point we learned of the tumor. We left our little furry friend in the ICU unit there for the weekend and anxiously awaited the neuro surgeon's call on Monday. He said surgery was an option and from past experiences said it was probably going to be very easy to remove....."should just pop right out" I believe were his words. We gave the go ahead for the (also expensive, at least for us it is) surgery, which she had just yesterday. She's recovering as expected and with any luck we should have her home for the rest of her recovery tomorrow. Trouble is the surgeon informed us that he didn't get it all. Oh my God, we were heartbroken. The poor little thing has been through so much in just a few days, and we were trying our best to help her and it didn't go as planned. The surgeon suggests radiation treatments in a few weeks. He says the most successful would be a round of 16 treatments in a 3-week period. I've been trying to find articles on the internet about radiation on cats, but they are hard to come by. I really don't want to put "Baby" through anymore, let alone 16 treatments, and I fear the expense would be beyond our reach anyway. I've experienced first hand what radiation does in humans, I can only imagine what it could do to a 5 lb. kitty. Has anyone out there experienced this...particulary radiation on your kitty. I'm in desperate need of some shared experiences and advice. Thank you.
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I am sorry to hear of your trouble. I will be moving this to the health forum so others can give you what advice they can.
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Carol, I'm so sorry for you and for Baby. I wish I could give you some advice, but I don't know anything about this. I'm sure it's heartbreaking to see your sweetie going through all of this. You are a real angel for doing this for her...not many people would go to the extreme like you have. I wish you, your family and Baby the best of luck during this hard time. I will definitely keep you and Baby in my thoughts and prayers.
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Using the sister site to this place www.meowhoo.com and going to our category of health related websites, I come up with the following links that I pray will help you somehow find your way with this:ask Dr. Mike


then some pet health

vet cancer registry
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